Poem: In It for the Tech

Crypto Poem


Matthew follows crypto news, to make sure he’s informed.
He’s invested his life savings, can’t say he wasn’t warned.
Friends of his urged caution, which was met with much protest,
“I can afford to lose it all – the cash I did invest”

“What makes me different is that I love the technology.
And frankly, all you doubters owe me an apology.
I’d lock my coins in a smart contract if I had the option,
I only want to help accomplish global mass adoption.”


The price began to plummet down, he’d lost 80 percent,
He starts to question whether he has cash to pay the rent.
The market plunges further red, he looks a nervous wreck,
“It’s fine”, he mutters, sheepishly, “I’m in it for the tech”.

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Featured Image from Shutterstock.

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