People looking for authentic and unbiased news from the cryptocurrency sector need not look any further as news portal promises to deliver the latest, objective news to readers across the globe. The news portal, which aims to deliver balanced and objective news, was launched in Belize City, Belize, on August 5, 2018. The platform already receives over 1,000,000 page views per month. The portal is live at

Keeping the World Updated

The news service will provide news related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, from around the world to its global audience. Per the platform, its objective is:

“to bring awareness to the general public on the latest media reports, policy changes, events and technological advancements within the nascent cryptocurrency industry.”

Objective news reporting is the need of the hour in the cryptocurrency market, which is marred with false news and promotions. BitcoinNews intends to tackle this problem by bringing all events, news, and opinions that have the potential to affect mainstream and institutional interests in the industry to a single platform, and ensure that the multifaceted sector gets fully represented on the portal.

Maintaining Integrity

One of the primary reasons behind the creation of the portal is maintaining integrity while reporting on Bitcoin and blockchain news. The portal states that it will focus on “actual, fact-based reporting that is fair, transparent and sensible, doing its utmost to review all news sources.

All stories on the portal are written and curated by experienced journalists who intend to cover major news and events. The platform aims to help in inspiring community dialogue and encourage democratic opinion in the industry.

BitcoinNews is completely independent and backed by crypto media veterans, free from sponsorship and influence, and based on the idea of public service through journalism.

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