While blockchain is being tested more than virtual money, both corporations and small startups are ready to make use of the modern technology in their everyday business operations. It is expected that solution is going to be ubiquitous soon.

There is no surprise that many financial experts call blockchain the “newest generation of the Internet” or the solution to have the most significant impact on the near future of mankind. The Blockchain Lab by Intellectsoft (more info: https://blockchain.intellectsoft.net/ ) will guide you in the question of blockchain development. We can now only wait for the future trying to predict what will happen with the economic aspect of our survival.

Currently, many different companies have started to work with a digital system that allows them to restructure human economic activity, making this industry more efficient. In addition, blockchain allows users to optimize other areas since finance is not the only area to work with the modern technologies.

What Are the Features of Blockchain?

The blockchain is a digital way to organize and store data in an unusual way. Here are five features every user can benefit from:

  1. Transparency – The entire event history – money transfers, agreements, and other records – are opened for review to all users of the system;
  2. Decentralization – The info about all operations made by each participant is stored on the hard disk, and not on any server;
  3. Anonymity – There is no need for you to reveal your identity;
  4. Equality – There are no administrators or “custodians” of info in the blockchain, and all participants have the same status and rights;
  5. Security – No one can falsify or replace the recorded data.

Gradual Influence of Blockchain

First of all, blockchain will digitize everything that still remains on the paper: certificates of ownership, insurance, securities, and documents legally requiring a guarantee of faithfulness. Initially the solution will be of value for banks only. It opens up great opportunities for institutions working in the financial market but also poses a “risk” to take a significant part of their work.


All in all, the system is open-source and reliable at the same time. Its implementation will make it possible to radically change life for the better and eliminate many fraudulent schemes – scams, “gaps” in banks’ balance sheets, and so on. As a result, many people will avoid financial losses and learn how to check all ongoing operations.

It is a universal solution that will affect new standards of modernity and transparency. The more to come in a few years!

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