4 Best Future Uses of the Blockchain

The blockchain is the future. Its concept and existence might still be vague to most, but it will be the core of our future society, sooner or later. It’s just like the internet in the early ‘90s, a seemingly unnecessary technology to some, a future disrupter to others.

Blockchain will enable smarter, faster, and more transparent and secure transactions. Cryptocurrency, being a core component of the technology, has already taken the world by storm. Some call it a fad, while there are those that believe it’s going to change how we treat financial transactions.

Virtual currencies aren’t the only practical application of the technology. In fact, there are hundreds or possibly thousands of ways you can use Blockchain to improve the world. Here are some of the best ways to use this technology.

  1. Automated Management

Bitcoin is a perfect example of how Blockchain can change our ways of managing things. Thanks to its peer-to-peer (P2P) system, it doesn’t need any central authority to maintain and manage its transactions. Though today’s cryptocurrencies still need human intervention to mine and generate new coins, further improvements can fully automate these processes.

  1. Smart Contracts

Blockchain shows us how data sharing can protect digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its shared ledger where every user can verify and access all transactions, the likelihood of tampering, deletion, and revision of information or data can be minimized. It creates secure and irrevocable contracts without sacrificing transparency. This will strengthen relationships between companies and will help drive further innovation in the industry.

  1. Digital Assets

Digital assets can be created with the help of Blockchain. This is already practiced with cryptocurrencies. If it were not for Blockchain, then these virtual coins could not exist. Bonds, land titles, stock, and even flyer miles can be digitized with the help of Blockchain. Using these will also be more convenient for end users, accessible anywhere and anytime.

  1. Supply Chain

Blockchain can greatly help a business’ supply chain management. It’s designed in a way that enables faster and more efficient processes. This will help companies communicate easily with their clients. Available inventories can also be viewed instantly, simplifying the tracking process.


Blockchain can be considered both as an industry and as a technology. Universal access is the key to upgrading our society into a utopia-like world.  As poetic as it sounds, that’s what Blockchain aims to do. Blockchain will creep into every aspect of our lives soon. It’s the inevitable future for which we need to prepare.

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