offers the necessary information the average cryptocurrency user would want to access in a user-friendly and intuitive way. Aside from that, it also provides advanced graphs and metrics that range from community engagement/developers activity to performance indicators and technical analysis tools.

Users can sign up quickly using their social media accounts. In fact, the free registration unlocks advanced tools on the website like personalized price alerts and customized personal portfolio tracker, among other features. Homepage

As of press time, the website’s homepage displays prices, market capitalization and trade volumes of 4473 listed coins. Furthermore, trade data is gathered in real time from as many as 165 exchanges.

Prices are not only displayed in USD. Users can select their preferred FIAT or cryptocurrency, in which the streamed data is shown.

Website visitors can also choose between seven major tabs: Top Coins, Starred, Portfolio, Movers, and Custom.

The Top Coins tab automatically displays the first 50 coins by market capitalization and streams basic real-time stats such as live prices and trading volumes. Users can sort the view by trading volume within either the last hour, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.

Using the Starred tab, registered users can choose to bookmark their favorite coins to track price delta and overall performance indicators and metrics.

Using the Portfolio feature, users can track their assets’ performance, and price evolution along with the return of their initial investment in real-time.

The Movers tab displays Top 10 gainers and Top 10 losers. These are coins which recorded the most gains and most losses within a given time frame (last hour, last 24 hours, last seven days, or last 30 days).

Coin Page

When a user selects a listed coin, they will be redirected to the Coin Page. Current price, Market cap, low and high 24 hours price, 24 traded volume and circulating/maximum supply are highlighted in real time on top of that page.

Just below the main highlighted data, the page displays the average price evolution, in custom dates that can range from one hour to all-time historical data. One unique feature in the graph is that users can choose to either track average price delta from all exchanges, or overlay multiple charts from many exchanges .

Under the graph, comes a combination of information, metrics, performance indicators and technical analysis tools for the more advanced users and day traders.

The information listed is the rank by market cap share, the hash algorithm, the consensus mechanism type, and whether the coin is mineable or pre-mined. Next to this tab is a collection of all official links to the coin website, social media, GitHub, etc.

The Metrics tab, however, presents social indicators such as Facebook likes evolution, Twitter followers, Reddit subscribers and active users over a one-month period. On the performance tab, the all-time high price, a counter of how many days since it occurred and the current percentage below the all-time high is shown.

Below is the maximum-recorded loss from the all-time high price. Users can also find out the percentage of winning days and the historical ranking chart for a two year period. Next to this tab, ROI, volatility and Sharpe Ratio are calculated for three, six, and 12 months periods.

The Technical Analysis tab is the last feature in the Coin page. Users can access live calculations of many, metrics, indicators, and price including standard and exponential moving averages.

On the bottom of the page, two pie charts depicting which exchanges trades stemmed from and the most traded pairs are provided. Those give a more advanced market overview for the coin of interest.

Other Interesting Tools

Besides the advanced coin comparison tool and the best price explorer tool for a selected trading pair, the Global Chart is another powerful feature of the website that makes it even more interesting to refer to than other price tracking portals.

Users have access to seven separate charts in the Global Chart tool. First is the total cryptocurrency market cap evolution over various periods of time, with the possibility to overlay the top 10 coins onto it. Second is the Bitcoin dominance chart, with the opportunity to compare with the top 10 coins as well. The third is the total traded volume chart for all coins.

The following charts are the money and cryptocurrencies flows into and within the market, and the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap and volume charts.

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