Provided that over $1 billion was stolen from cryptocurrency exchange in 2018, it becomes a general knowledge that digital tokens need protection in 2019. Experts in blockchain reckon that mining cryptocurrency for beginners is not always an easy task. Quite often crypto wallets undergo hacking attacks and miners lose their digital assets.

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Want to Prevent It?

A widespread concern, voiced about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, has attracted not only protagonists and opponents of new technology but hackers as well. After the Bitcoin price had totaled 20 000 dollars, cheats started to look for blockchain vulnerabilities and weak sides of transactions concerned with crypto coins.

Lucky you are, as there are several steps to follow to keep your digital assets safe.

Mask Your IP!

Do you best in order for hackers not to know what you do on the Internet. The best and the most powerful way is to hide user IP address (actually, IP says much about a netizen).

VPN providers cope with this job perfectly! VPN is a service that allows its subscribers to connect to a server located in another place (usually abroad). It serves to surf the network as if a person is from another region of the world. Furthermore, the real IP is kept locked safely away.


Due to this protected VPN connection, neither ISP nor the targeted site knows a real IP of a user. Apart from anonymity, a VPN consumer gets access to the restricted content. We wrote a complete breakdown of two VPN services we recommend: Nordvpn vs Expressvpn.

Don’t Use Public WiFi for Transactions!

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies these days: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and whatnot. And we can’ t fail to agree that it’s rather convenient to pay with this type of money.

Under no circumstances make transactions with cryptocurrency (whether it is payment or transfer) through free WiFi hotspots in public places.

WiFi is extremely vulnerable to hacking attacks. In this regard, it may happen that a person will lose all his digital coins forever.

Avail of Two-factor Authentication!

Two-factor authentication is a must to protect user data. However, there are some hidden pitfalls.

The thing is that there is little difficulty in intercepting SMS sent through an SS7 protocol. Text messages can be cracked by means of the tools used to detect weak sides of mobile service.

When using two-factor authentication through SMS, it is necessary to disable call forwarding function. It’ll be even better to use a special app (for example, Google Authenticator).

Use HTTPS Sites Only!

When browsing websites devoted to cryptocurrencies, avail of HTTPS protocol. Also, it will be helpful to use a Chrome add-on to check the links you receive.

There are many ways to be protected against hackers. In this article, we have highlighted the most reasonable ones. Despite the fact the threats are not reduced, users do their best to hide sensitive data from the prying eyes. And now you are the kind of guy who knows how to safeguard cryptocurrency and other information.

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