The Bitcoin Code Review – Is It Really A Scam?

The Bitcoin Code Review – Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Code is claimed to be an automatic bitcoin trading platform (Like the News Spy, Bitcoin Profit and others..) that you deposit your money into for a guaranteed return on investment. After doing some digging, we have found out that the only guarantee that stands with Bitcoin Code is that it is a scam. Bitcoin Code preys on vulnerable people by making the grandiose claim of earning an average of $13,000 a day by an AI trading program that supposedly has an accuracy of 99.4%. This is far from the truth, and here’s how you can be sure that this is a scam.

Non-Existent Founder

Scroll down on the Bitcoin Code website and next to a convincing message about the software making more millionaires than the early investors of Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb, is a smiling man supposed to be Steve McKay. A quick Google reverse image search shows that this is a stock photo. Steve McKay is most likely a stock name as well. The website is filled with stock photos of “Previous Vacations” and customer testimonials.

Outrageous Returns on Investments

If Bitcoin Code truly was making trades with an accuracy of 99.4%, it would be outperforming the top algorithmic trading firms in the world. They would be industry leaders, in an industry where they are unheard of. We were unable to find any reputable source mentioning Bitcoin Code. Their website goes as far as claiming their algorithm has won awards, which unsurprisingly, we were unable to find.

Artificial Scarcity

One of the oldest tricks in the scammer’s playbook is to create a sense of urgency by artificially reducing the supply of their product. While this could be a legitimate marketing scheme for a business providing some limited product or service, Bitcoin Code is spending money on advertising yet they only have 20 copies to give of their product? This makes no sense.

Behind Curtain Trades

It is very suspect that once you deposit your hard-earned money into Bitcoin Code, there is no transparency in what trades are made and based on what reasons. Legitimate algorithmic trading is based on technical analysis backed by hard statistics. The website does mention a “risk of partial or full funds loss” in small, hidden text. We are almost certain that no trades are made with your deposit, and a loss is reported to you to play into the facade.

Suspect URLs

We were able to find multiple websites pushing the Bitcoin Code scam. You would expect that the owner of a miracle software making him millions every day would afford him better URLs than “” for example. This is pretty common with scam websites, often drawing in users who were searching for unrelated terms. In a Google paid link, they advertise with a description that mentions “Helping People Find Good Jobs”. This isn’t even remotely related to the scam service they claim to provide but is rather there to draw in vulnerable people short on cash.

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