The News Spy Review [2020 Updated] – Scam or Legit Program?

The News Spy makes grandiose claims about how it can make you rich in a matter of days. You don’t need any cryptocurrency, trading, or financial expertise – high school dropouts have become millionaires using it. There are testimonials, videos of personal stories, and frames of major news media talking about how The News Spy changed their life.

Many services claim to do this by using ‘AI algorithms’ and ‘advanced trading robots’, but The News Spy takes a novel approach in promising easy riches to early adopters. How kind of investing billionaire John Mayers to make his “award-winning” software available to the public, if all of this is true.

But is all of this true?

Of course not. It is another pure scam. Your money is even better off gambling in an unlicensed bitcoin online casino.

How Does It Work?

Instead of relying on ‘AI’, The News Spy claims that it works by collecting huge amounts of news and raw data. Their hundreds of expert analysts then use this data to find conclusive predictions about market trends, which fuel the News Spy signals software.

It sounds plausible enough, but does it work? To answer this question, we thoroughly researched the claims of The News Spy and assessed the plausibility of its business model. Finally, we downloaded the software to see how it works.

The Verdict

Once you take a critical look at The News Spy, the whole program quickly falls apart. Our verdict is that News Spy is a scam.

The founder, John Mayers, is impossible to find anywhere. The only famous, successful John Mayers that our research found was an American folk and blues singer-songwriter! The prominent CNBC news frame prominently featured on the website is the product of a shoddy photoshop job; CNBC has never spoken about News Spy in a broadcast.

Additionally, the testimonials are all fraudulent. One man goes by ‘Dean S.’ and claims The News Spy has made him wildly successful, but Dean S. doesn’t exist. In reality, ‘Dean’ is a man named David who works on Fiverr and runs a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching marketing tricks. If you’d like to verify this, his Youtube Channel is named “Get a Clue Marketing Show.”

The Business Model

Next, the basic business model is unfeasible. The services of expert analysts are extremely expensive, and there’s no way that The News Spy could hire hundreds of them and give away the software for free. Besides that, hiring more analysts does not allow you to predict the future. Analysts frequently disagree, and surprising shifts in the market are surprises precisely because they take most of them by surprise. The News Spy predicting market trends as precisely as it claims to is completely impossible.

The Software

It’s not even necessary to download the software, but our team of experts is always committed to delivering the whole truth. Equipped with the latest antivirus, we used The News Spy software. Ultimately, it’s just a random number generator. We attempted to make small trades according to the cues and signals from The News Spy, and quickly lost $50!

Our robust antivirus was a lifesaver, too. The News Spy attempted to infect our computer with a nasty keylogger virus that could have stolen our passwords and bank information!

In Conclusion

The News Spy is not only a scam, but a scam that’s badly executed and poorly put together. It is part of a network of scam programs like the bitcoin code, bitcoin profit, bitcoin loophole and others like it.

Steer clear of this and invest your money through respected, legitimate brokers.

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