Ace VPN Review for 2020 – USA based, So Is It Logging You?

In this Ace VPN review, we take a close look at its features and performance, too see how well this service protects your privacy online.

Ace VPN is an American service owned and operated by the company SecureNet LLC. It has more than 50 servers in 25 different countries, and it promises to be faster, more secure, and more anonymous than the competition. But, is this the case?

Ace VPN Review
Ace VPN Review

During our quick inspection of its website, we were pleased with what we saw. It offers 256-bit encryption, torrenting and Netflix, excellent customer support, and a vast assortment of protocols to choose from. So far, so good.

Why Ace VPN?

So, what separates Ace VPN from the hundreds of other choices you have in this realm? You do get industry-leading encryption. This is the stuff that banks and military professionals use to keep information safe.

Why Ace VPN?
Why Ace VPN?

You also get torrenting as long as you purchase the premium plan. Ace has a couple of different payment choices, and one is the “ultimate” plan. If you buy the ultimate one, you get access to torrenting on servers outside the U.S and U.K.

We’ll get more into the benefits when we get to the pros section of the article, so keep reading!

Pricing Structure of Ace VPN

When you land on its website, you’ll notice three different pricing options. There is a free option which grants you its Smart DNS so you can stream HD movies and shows. This does not require you to install any software, and you get unlimited bandwidth.

The next step up is its “premium VPN” option which has servers in more than 20 locations, access to a few protocols, unlimited bandwidth, Smart DNS included, and no logging.

Ace VPN Prices
Ace VPN Prices

Its most expensive plan is the “ultimate VPN,” this one has servers in 25 different countries, and it allows Torrents and P2P servers.

Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

  • Smart DNS – $0
  • Premium VPN – $3.89 per month
  • Ultimate VPN – $11.67 per month

What We Like About Ace VPN

Now it’s time to get into the fun stuff. What makes Ace VPN so great? There’s actually a lot of things that impress us about this VPN.

Tremendous Device Support

We don’t even need to make a list of the supported devices here because, if you have something that connects to the Internet, you’ll be able to connect AceVPN to it.

The list includes every desktop and mobile platform. Any video game system. Roku, Chromecast, Kindle, Routers, Blu-Ray Players, and more.

Device Support
Device Support

It’s always nice to have options. The only problem is, you can only connect one device at a time which is a major drag. If you wanted to run Ace on your laptop and your Smart TV at the same time, you’d have to purchase two accounts.

For better multi device VPN’s, read our best VPN’s for iphone and android articles.

Kill it!

We think that every VPN should have a kill switch. It’s such an essential part of protecting your identity with a VPN. A kill switch drops your internet connection if you lose your secure connection with the VPN.

For example, if you were scouring the internet, and you wanted to remain anonymous while doing so, you would activate the VPN and use an anonymous browser. If you suddenly lost connection with the VPN, it would expose your IP address and your identity. That would defeat the purpose of having a VPN.

A kill switch prevents that from happening, and Ace VPN has one built into its app.

What We Like About Ace VPN
What We Like About Ace VPN

Incredible Customer Support

We care about customer service because we think this factor is what separates the excellent VPN services from the bad ones. When a company has great customer service, it tells you that it cares about its product. If it cares about its product, chances are, it’s a fantastic product.

The customer support at Ace VPN is responsive and helpful. We only wish it had a live chat.

Works With TOR

An essential part of remaining anonymous online is using the Tor browser. So, you’ll be happy to know you should have no problem using this VPN with Tor.

What We Dislike About Ace VPN

You thought it was all good news, didn’t you? While Ace VPN has a lot of great features to offer, there are also some issues worth mentioning.

Logging Concerns

As with every other VPN known to man, Ace states that it does not log your information, but when you look into its privacy policy, you find out otherwise. Its policy states that it collects information, including your name, address, phone number, card information, email, date of birth, IP address, and the last four digits of your card.

Ace VPN states that it does not sell this information, and it also does not spy on users or monitor their internet browsing. While this is not a huge deal, we’re not used to VPNs storing this much information.

What We Dislike About Ace VPN
What We Dislike About Ace VPN


A big reason why its logging policy is a problem is because of its jurisdiction. Ace is in the United States, which means it falls under the five eyes surveillance alliance. This issue means it’ll have to forfeit any information it has if the government cracks down on them.

So in reality there is going to be logging concerns. We strongly recommend if your using your VPN to download torrents or play in offshore online casinos that you choose a VPN in a bulletproof jurisdiction like the Cayman islands, BVI and so on.

Check out Nordvpn, Expressvpn or Sufshark, they are all located in great VPN jurisdictions.

Getting Slower

We always expect internet speeds to drop when using a VPN; we only wonder how much it will drop. With Ace, we were disappointed by the speeds. During our research, we
noticed users experiencing 80-90% decreases in download speed when signed in to an Ace VPN server.

Our Verdict

We picked apart this VPN and found a lot of dirt hidden beneath the surface. From the outside looking in, Ace VPN appears to be a perfect choice, but we found issues like logging concerns, possible IP leaks, and slow download speeds.

Not to mention the fact that you can only use it on one device at a time.


If you can look beyond all that, Ace VPN has great encryption, security, and customer service. It’s also priced accordingly with the features it offers.

Be sure to check out our best vpn list for even better VPN choices.

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