Anonymous VPN Review [2020] – Is It Worth Buying?

In this review, we see how well Anonymous VPN protects your privacy online. We also take an in-depth look at its features, pricing, speed, and more.

Anonymity and general privacy concerns are on the minds of most people using the internet for personal or business reasons.

Anonymous VPN Review
Anonymous VPN Review

Using a VPN is an excellent way to secure your browsing history and make sure the data you transmit is safe from prying eyes. However, not all VPN services offer the privacy and protections that we want from the service.

Anonymous VPN has a name that should get your attention if your goal is, indeed, anonymity.

However, does it deliver?

What is Anonymous VPN?

Our first impression of Anonymous VPN got met with a soft laugh.

Its website features a mascot named ‘Dude.’ Dude is its anonymous mascot and next to his cartoonlike image are the words “We will NEVER disclose his real name.” Aside from the humor, we took the little splash of comedy as a sign that Anonymous VPN was serious about privacy.

What is Anonymous VPN?
What is Anonymous VPN?

With a name like that, they’d better be.

The service never keeps logs on user activity. That means the service has data to show how you use its VPN even if a government or law enforcement agency shows up with a warrant to force them to hand over your information. Your data and activity are encrypted as well, so no one could use it if they somehow eavesdropped on your traffic and captured some of it.

Anonymous VPN is easy to set up. You don’t need any technical powers to get it working. Keeping in mind that the setup process is simple, you can use Anonymous VPN on your computer or set up your home’s router to use the service so that all the internet traffic leaving your home, or business, is safely piped through the VPN.

Anonymous VPN Key Features

Deciding to use any service like a VPN always comes down to features and if it offers the ones you need. For us, Anonymous VPN comes with everything you would need to protect your data or get you around censorship.

Anonymous VPN Key Features
Anonymous VPN Key Features

Privacy is the main reason to use a VPN, but they can also help you reach websites that may be blocked in some countries or locations. Anonymous VPN’s key features include:

  • Secure data transport: everything is encrypted
  • Unlimited bandwidth: you can stream movies or download large files without incurring extra fees
  • Speed: the service is fast and won’t slow down your connection too much
  • No logs policy: it doesn’t keep any logs at all – none
  • Ease of use: anyone can set up Anonymous VPN on their computer or router


Anonymous VPN comes with features that make it easy to love. It comes with all the pros you want in a VPN and a few you probably didn’t know you wanted. Assuming it lives up to it, its privacy policy is excellent. The key pros to be aware of include:

Pros Anonymous VPN - Source:
Pros Anonymous VPN – Source:
  • Privacy-friendly location outside of the areas subject to nine-eyes, 14-eyes, and other countries that allow foreign intelligence agencies to collect information within their borders.
  • No logs get created for any VPN activity, so enjoy online casinos and torrenting
  • It supports the three most common VPN protocols and uses AES-256 encryption.
  • It works with most torrenting software and websites.
  • It passes all tests for WebRTC and DNS leaks which can reveal your real IP address.
  • It has 2,500 locations in 25 countries.


Sadly, no product or service is free of problems. The most worrisome cons we found on Anonymous VPN included:

  • Traffic speeds may drop up to 50 percent depending on where you are or which one of its locations you connect to at the time.
  • Compatibility is limited to Android, MacOS, Windows, and most routers. But, does not work with Linux which many privacy advocates insist on using.
  • No Netflix support at all as Netflix actively blocks all Anonymous VPN servers.
Cons Anonymous VPN - Source:
Cons Anonymous VPN – Source:

Traffic speed tests are not an exact science because location, network reliability, and traffic load in your area play a significant role in the speed of your internet. Some tests on Anonymous VPN showed a significant drop in speed but stayed within the 40 to the 60-megabit range for downloads. That’s still pretty fast internet.

Its information on compatibility is a bit confusing. However, from what we read, its software works on Android, Windows, and Mac devices, so Linux users are left out in the cold. However, if you set up Anonymous VPN on your router, then it doesn’t matter what devices you use as long as you connect to the internet through that router.

Some readers may find the Netflix block to be too big of an issue to be able to use Anonymous VPN. In that case, we recommend looking into alternative services like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Pricing Info

Its pricing information is on the landing page and reasonable. It doesn’t offer a free trial like some VPNs, but you can buy a short trial. Overall its pricing is competitive. It offers three different packages to get you going:

Pricing Info Anonymous VPN
Pricing Info Anonymous VPN
  • A three-day trial for $2
  • A monthly subscription for $12
  • A yearly subscription for $69

Even if you pay by the year, the service is budget-friendly and a small price to pay for your privacy.


Anonymous VPN does the job as advertised, and its pricing model is budget friendly as well. The cons we found aren’t deal breakers in our opinion. However, many people want to use a VPN to stream Netflix because the service is restricted in their country, but Anonymous VPN won’t work for that purpose.

Verdict - Source:
Verdict – Source:

So, provided you don’t need it for Netflix, and you don’t use Linux, Anonymous VPN is an okay choice, but with choices today it wouldn’t be our top choice.

We like these anonymous VPN’s much better: Protonvpn, Nordvpn, Expressvpn. Or see our best VPN guide for our full list.

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