BolehVPN Review [2020 Update]: Does It Keep Logs?

In this BolehVPN review, we assess the features and performance of this VPN, including the level of security and privacy it offers. We also look at its pricing, speed, and more.

Regardless of your reasons for using a VPN, you want to make sure the service you use is private and reliable. These are non-negotiable aspects of a good VPN.

BolehVPN Review
BolehVPN Review

If you use your favorite search engine to search for VPNs, the list is extensive, and every website claims its service is the fastest or the most secure. It gets difficult to see through the haze and find the details you need to make an informed decision.

We want to help you see clearly through all the marketing and find out if a particular VPN really is right for your needs. We look at all the details, all the tests, and scour user reviews outside of testing. In this review, we take an in-depth look at BolehVPN to help you decide if it might be the best VPN service for you.

An Overview of BolehVPN

BolehVPN does most of the things you expect a VPN service to do from masking your location to encrypting the data you send. It has around 30 servers in 12 countries, which is a small number. This is a little worrisome because connecting to a distant VPN server may cause your internet speed to drop significantly.

An Overview of BolehVPN
An Overview of BolehVPN

BolehVPN allows torrenting, and a few of its servers work with Netflix. However, it would be best to assume that Netflix will not work while connected to this VPN, as Netflix is continuously working to prevent VPNs from accessing its streaming platform, and most of BolehVPN’s servers are already blocked.

A VPN server might work for Netflix today and fail to connect tomorrow. A few VPNs employ workarounds and specialized services, but BolehVPN does not attempt to help you connect to Netflix.

BolehVPN is affordable, and new users get to enjoy a week of its VPN for around $4. It also offers a one-day free trial. The trial period is short, so plan your time to get the most testing in that you can in the short 24-hour period.

Important Features

BolehVPN comes packed with features like most VPNs. Frankly, most VPNs offer similar perks and features to BolehVPN. How well they manage each feature is the part you need to be concerned about and study.

Important Features BolehVPN
Important Features BolehVPN

For instance, most VPNs offer fast connections and speeds, but their idea of fast might be slow by your standards. Let’s look at the essential features BolehVPN offers:

  • Decentralized servers which aid in anonymity
  • An offshore location which eliminates transparency treaties and things like Five Eyes
  • It accepts Bitcoin and anonymous cryptocurrencies (See our best cryptocurrency exchanges article on how to buy them)
  • It uses traffic and IP obfuscation to mask your traffic and location
  • Supports ease of use methods to make using and setting up the VPN easy for everyone
  • It publishes a monthly warrant canary

For clarity, if a VPN is legally compelled by law enforcement or government agencies to release logs or files, it usually gets compelled not to tell anyone as well.

To get around this problem, some VPNs use a warrant canary which they remove if they are served a warrant. This keeps them within the confines of the legal system but also allows them to alert their users of a warrant.

Pros and Cons of BolehVPN

No VPN is perfect, and they all come with pros and cons. Pros should outnumber the cons by a lot, and any cons you find must be minor ones.

BolehVPN Pros

This service won’t let you down in the features department. The developers built it from the ground up specifically to combat privacy and censorship concerns in some parts of the world. BolehVPN excels in many areas, including:

BolehVPN Pros
BolehVPN Pros
  • The service has no detectable IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks which would reveal your exact location and allow people to collect unencrypted data.
  • Excellent usability and anyone can use the service without technical knowledge.
  • For most users the VPN is fast, and your internet speed won’t drop more than 35 percent.
  • Torrenting is allowed, and it works with most software. However it hasn’t made our best vpns for torrenting list as we believe there are some better ones.
  • BolehVPN does not save any logs.
  • It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

BolehVPN Cons

We try to focus on the cons that affect all users, but you may find some of your own based on how you use the product. Sadly, you won’t find a VPN without a few issues, including BolehVPN. The critical points to consider with this service include:

BolehVPN Cons - Source:
BolehVPN Cons – Source:
  • It doesn’t save logs, but it may turn on logging for troubleshooting or tracking down suspicious customers according to its privacy statement, which is a little worrisome. So it does save logs.
  • Using the VPN service with iOS and Android requires you to be somewhat tech savvy. Our Best Android VPN list has some better options.
  • Some users may encounter installation problems if they use a firewall.
  • Customer support is weak, and you’ll probably get more support from users on its forum.

Pricing Information

BolehVPN’s pricing is competitive, and it offers several packages. It offers a free trial which is limited to one day, but expanding your subscription to this VPN is affordable:

BolehVPN Pricing Information
BolehVPN Pricing Information
  • 1 week costs $3.70
  • 30 days costs $9.99
  • 60 days costs $16.99
  • 180 days costs $44.99
  • 1 year costs $79.99
Whether you need this VPN for a short time or a long time, you can probably afford one of its packages. We like to see pricing models that offer short term solutions because many users only want to use a VPN when they travel. We urge you always to use a VPN, but we understand you have your own needs and reasons.


We like everything about BolehVPN except the slow customer support and its somewhat worrying policy on occasional logging. And that is enough for us to recommend that you do not use it and go with another VPN instead.

Check out our updated best VPN list for some great choices which beat this on price & features.

Verdict BolehVPN - Source:
Verdict BolehVPN – Source:

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