Browsec VPN Review [2020] – We Found These Issues

Browsec VPN works as a browser add-on. We look at both its free and paid versions in this review, to provide you with an overview of the security and privacy they can offer.

Browsec is a VPN service that makes a lot of promises, including fast speeds, and it does deliver on most of those promises. However, many VPNs make promises that they do not actually fufill in their actions, is Browsec one of those?

Browsec VPN Review
Browsec VPN Review

In regards to usability, Browsec VPN meets all the needs any user might expect since it works in your browser. You don’t need to install anything on your device. However, some users might prefer software over a browser-based VPN for security or other reasons.

It offers around 400 server locations and fast ticket-based support. If you’re like us, you need more than the marketing information on its website to convince you the service is safe and private.

We dug deeper for you and picked out all the essential pros and cons which we’ll go over later. For now, let’s look at the main features Browsec VPN offers.

Key Features

This VPN works inside your web browser, but it offers all the features you would expect from an app. Assuming you use the service with Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, the setup is merely installing the browser add-on and setting up your account and payment details. The important features we like include:

Key Features Browsec VPN
Key Features Browsec VPN
  • Over 400 servers in over 35 countries
  • Fast customer support responses
  • Excellent encryption using 256-bit AES
  • Free if you’re ok with one-megabit speeds

You read that last one right; it offers a free plan which is probably perfect for users that need to send documents securely or access their home or office network remotely.

The free version is slow, but one-megabit might be perfect for your needs. However, you may experience some disconnections or have trouble connecting to the free servers during peak usage times.

One thing many VPN services lacks is excellent customer support. A few services offer live support, but most of them limit it to their sales teams only.

Browsec VPN uses a ticket system for support, and most of its users claim the response times are fast, and the support staff is knowledgeable. That’s definitely a key feature in our book.

More benefits Browsec VPN
More benefits Browsec VPN

Since it has over 400 servers in 35 countries, there’s a good chance one will be close to you which may help you get more speed out of the VPN.

The servers for the free VPN service are limited to the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We didn’t expect much from the free service with respect to connections, but the premium side seems to have much of the world covered.

Browsec VPN Pros and Cons

We love that this service gives you a free version to use, which allows you to test it in your browser on your chosen device. Nothing is without its flaws, and this VPN comes with a few cons as well. Deciding if the pros outweigh the cons is up to you ultimately, but we can list them for you:

Browsec VPN Pros and Cons
Browsec VPN Pros and Cons
  • Pro: Over 400 servers in 36 countries
  • Pro: Allows torrenting and acess to online casino sites
  • Pro: Fast customer support responses to tickets
  • Pro: No DNS or WebRTC leaks
  • Pro: Usability is high, and anyone can get this VPN up and running in no time
  • Con: The service falls under Russian jurisdiction which could be a privacy problem
  • Con: Free version only offers one-megabit speeds
  • Con: Premium service doesn’t live up to its speed claims and may be less than 40-megabits in some locations
  • Con: It says no logging, but its policies aren’t clear

We tried to find specific information in its policies that says it absolutely does not log any user traffic. However, it seems some logging may take place while you are using the service, but it claims these logs get used to only monitor traffic and peak usage times.

For us, any logging that captures something users are doing is not a good idea. It lowers our trust in the service as well.

Browsec — your online freedom
Browsec — your online freedom

We understand that free things tend to come with extremely limited perks.

However, its limit of one-megabit speeds seems a little too extreme for us. That speed may be ok for moving documents securely, but it removes the user’s ability to test the service, which is what most free plans or trials get used for in the end. That said, it’s a free perk, but we’re not sure if it’s a pro or a con at this point.

Pricing Info

Its pricing model is simple and includes the free version we talked about above. However, you get some bonuses with the premium version that the free version lacks. Most notably, the premium service includes more servers and locations, which increases the reliability of your connection.

Pricing Info Browsec VPN
Pricing Info Browsec VPN

It offers two paid subscriptions plans, which includes an annual plan that works out to $3.33 per month. You can pay monthly as well, but the fee jumps up to $4.99 per month. Either option is affordable, and signing up is simple since it accepts over 80 payment methods.

Paying for this VPN is easy, but we still have our doubts based on the company’s location and less than transparent privacy policy.


Browsec VPN comes with plenty of features and setting up and using it is relatively easy for most users.

However, our final verdict is to look for another VPN. There are better options out there.

Verdict Browsec VPN - Source:
Verdict Browsec VPN – Source:

Since this VPN falls under Russian jurisdiction and Russia is working hard to either block VPNs or require them to blacklist specific IP addresses, we have a hard time trusting this VPN. We’re also unclear on its privacy policy as well, which tends to be a red flag.

In short; use this service at your own risk.

We recommend using a VPN service that has been tried and tested like Expressvpn, Nordvpn or one of the VPN’s on our best VPN list.

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