Buffered VPN Review [2020] – Expensive with Bold Claims

In this comprehensive Buffered VPN review, we list all of the strengths and weaknesses of this service, so you will know if it is the best VPN for you.

Today we look at Buffered VPN, an expensive VPN from Hungary that claims to be both the fastest and most secure in the world. At over $7 a month it is definitely not the cheapest!

Buffered VPN Review
Buffered VPN Review

We’ve reviewed quite a few VPNs, and most one of them make these similar types of claims, such as they don’t log your data, they don’t leak your DNS, or they allow you to bypass geo-restrictions.

But, does Buffered VPN do all of this?

Let’s find out.

Introducing Buffered VPN

During our research, we made quite a few discoveries about this VPN service. Buffered provides a simple and straightforward Windows app that allows you to choose from 37 different servers all across the world.

Introducing Buffered VPN
Introducing Buffered VPN

Once you pick your server, it’s as simple as clicking the power button and watching it go. You’ll be connected automatically to the server, and that will remain until you disconnect.

One thing that stood out immediately is this VPN’s location in Gibraltar. Buffered VPN states on its website that the service is “made with love in Gibraltar.”

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, which means it has to deal with some interference coming from UK intelligence agencies.

Buffered VPN Pricing

There are three options available when choosing a plan:

Pricing of Buffered VPN
Pricing of Buffered VPN
  • One month: $12.99 per month (You save 0%)
  • One year: $6.59 per month (You save 49% or $76)
  • Two year: $4.12 per month (You save 68% or $212)

What We Like About Buffered VPN

By this point, you have a solid understanding of Buffered VPN and some of its features. Now let’s get into some of the good stuff. Below, we detail all of the things we love most about this VPN service.

Functional Windows App

Buffered refers to its windows client as an app. The app is simple and easy to use because the settings are basic. It doesn’t offer too much customization, which makes this an ideal VPN for those who do not have a lot of technical knowledge.

Functional Windows App
Functional Windows App Buffered VPN

With the app, you can easily switch between TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and turn on/off both startup launch and the kill switch directly from the app.

Buffered also has similar apps for macOS, Android, iPhone & iPad, and routers, which are just as user-friendly and easy to set-up.

No DNS Leaks

During our research, we discovered there were no DNS leaks with Buffered VPN. A DNS leak is when your true IP address gets unintentionally exposed during the transfer of data. This is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping around for a VPN.

No DNS Leaks
No DNS Leaks Buffered VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

As the main selling point of a VPN is to offer increased privacy to internet users, you may as well look for a VPN that has got this issue covered. We’re happy to find out that Buffered VPN has no leaks, and will keep your real IP address out of the hands of any “peeping toms.”

Strong Encryption

Safety and security are also essential features to keep in mind when you are searching for a VPN. And this is something won’t have to worry about with Buffered VPN. This service provides top of the line 256-bit encryption, which is military-grade. Beyond that, it also uses OpenVPN, which is considered the highest-standard VPN protocol across this industry.

Strong Encryption
Strong Encryption Buffered VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

Since Buffered VPN doesn’t hit you with tons of features, having top-notch security is important. We’re happy to see it step up to the plate here.

Built-in Kill Switch

A kill-switch is a necessary tool to prevent your browsing activities being exposed when you lose connection to the VPN. If you are not connected to the VPN but are still connected to the internet, your real IP address will be visible.

A kill-switch drops your internet connection as soon as you lose connectivity with the VPN server. Not only does this allow your IP address to remain hidden, but it also ensures that you’re only browsing when it’s safe.

Built-in Kill Switch
Built-in Kill Switch Buffered VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

Netflix and Torrent Friendly

Over the years, Netflix has cracked down on proxies and VPNs. We didn’t have much hope coming into this review, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that you can use the Netflix streaming service on some of its servers.

Netflix and Torrent Friendly
Netflix and Torrent Friendly Buffered VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

Beyond Netflix, you might be wondering about torrents. Buffered VPN is entirely torrent-friendly and allows P2P file sharing on all of its servers. It is also a good choice for online casinos, adult content etc.

If you are in it for streaming and downloading files, Buffered is a great VPN choice.

What We Dislike About Buffered VPN

Although we have covered a variety of great security features, we do have to hit you with some bad news. Buffered VPN is not perfect (like most VPNs) so here are some of the most significant downsides of this service.

Confusing Logging Policy

Buffered makes it challenging to find information about its Logging Policy, but it is available in its FAQ pages and privacy policy. We did find that Buffered logs data regarding the duration of your connection, but it never logs anything related to the content you’ve accessed.

Confusing Logging Policy
Confusing Logging Policy Buffered VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

In its privacy policy, it directly states that it logs “identifiers,” which may include your operating system, IP address, and other file system information. Luckily, you do have the choice to opt out on the desktop app, but it does claim that opting out will “prevent them from providing you with the best service.”

Taking it Slow

We know that speed is a significant concern when it comes to VPN services. As expected, we experienced quite a drop off in download and upload speeds with Buffered VPN. Unfortunately, the speed reduction was quite a bit more than we had hoped for.

Taking it Slow
Taking it Slow Buffered VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

With advanced security and encryption comes slow download speeds. During our research, we observed tests of around 30-50 Mbps. While this is not the slowest we have ever seen, equally they are also not the fastest.

Our Verdict

We definitely feel that the good outweighs the bad with Buffered VPN.

Buffered uses military-grade 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN, which is the leading VPN protocol.

Our Verdict
Our Verdict Buffered VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

Buffered VPN also allows its users to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions and download torrents safely. But it is expensive and overall lacking.

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