6 Secure Ways to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card [2020] – Buy BTC Easily

Buying Bitcoins with a credit card or debit card can be daunting. We've put together this step-by-step guide which will show you the trusted sites that can instantly convert your cash to BTC.

Using a credit card to buy Bitcoin is one of the many available payment options today and one that people will often find to be the most convenient.

Whether you are looking to build your credit score, make a purchase that isn’t linked to your bank account, or simply don’t have cash at hand, there are dozens of good reasons why you may want to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

And to fulfill this demand, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers that are happy to provide this service.

Do you want to know how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

But beware, those looking to buy Bitcoin with a credit card may not know which services they can trust, and which are the best fit for their needs. With numerous dodgy services around, users need to ensure they are dealing with a company they can trust.

That’s why we decided to make this guide, which lists 6 proven and trustworthy brokers/exchanges and walks you through whole the process step-by-step.

To begin with, let’s start with a brief explanation of the two main types of Bitcoin sellers:

  1. Brokers
  2. Exchanges

Brokers & Exchanges

  •   Brokers:

A Bitcoin broker is focused on selling you Bitcoin; that’s its main business model. A broker may or may not also provide you with a Bitcoin wallet, which will allow you to store, send, or receive Bitcoin.

If a Bitcoin broker does not provide you with a BTC wallet, then you will need to set one up for yourself before using its services.

Note: Please see our comprehensive review on the Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to find the right wallet for your needs.
  •   Exchanges:

A cryptocurrency exchange, by contrast, will allow you to exchange fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins for Bitcoin and vice versa.

Most exchanges will also offer a wallet service where you can store, send, or receive Bitcoin.

The specific services provided will differ from exchange to exchange, but in this article, we will cover the top exchanges that let you buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

Top Bitcoin Brokers and Exchanges

Here is a handy chart featuring 6 top brokers/exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

I will provide full details on how to buy Bitcoin using a credit card for each one below.

Website Wallet Exchange ID Needed Fees VISA Mastercard
Coinbase Yes Yes Yes 4.99% + 0.5% Yes Yes
Coinmama No No Yes 5.9% + 5% Yes Yes
Bitpanda Yes Yes Yes 1.49% Yes Yes
CEX.io Yes Yes Yes 2.99% + 0.25% Yes Yes
Luno Yes Yes Yes 0.25% Yes Yes
Bitstamp Yes Yes Yes 5% + 0.25% Yes Yes

Also, please see our handy Buying Bitcoin With a Credit Card FAQ at the bottom of this article for further guidance.


Coinbase is one of the world’s most well-known and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.

It was a pioneer in popularizing cryptocurrencies and is still one of the market leaders today when it comes to buying, selling, and storing digital assets.

Coinbase platform and app
Coinbase platform and app

Coinbase has various account levels and corresponding verification requirements, which can increase a users buying limit to up to $25,000 per day.

Overall Coinbase is an excellent choice for a wide range of users and one of our top recommendations when it comes to buying BTC with a credit card.

It is also consistently improving the features and products it offers to make it easier for customers.

Just recently they have have added the MKR token to coinbase & they have launched staking rewards for people in the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Likewise, Coinbase have added fiat currency pairings for many of their newest assets, such as Algorand, Compound, and Tezos, allowing European and British investors to buy crypto with EUR and GBP.

Please see our full Coinbase Review for further details on the exchange.

“At Coinbase, our mission is to create an open financial system for the world. We believe that open protocols for money will create more innovation, economic freedom, and equality of opportunity in the world, just like the Internet did for publishing information.”
Brian Armstrong, Co-founder & CEO of Coinbase
Brian Armstrong
  • Wallet: Yes
  • Exchange: Yes
  • Registration: Yes
  • ID Accepted: National ID card, driver’s license, non-US passport
  • Restricted US States: None (Except Hawaii)
  • Fees: 3.99% + 0.5% spread
  • Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Mastercard

Pros & Cons


  • Very secure
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Good customer support
  • A well-known and trusted exchange


  • Not the cheapest
  • Limited amount of tradable cryptocurrencies available


  • Step 1: Create Account

Provide your full name, email address, create a password, and agree the terms and conditions on the ‘Create your account’ page.

creating a coinbase account e1552468712467
Coinbase – Create your account
  • Step 2: Verify Email

Coinbase will then send you a verification email which you need to verify to prove it’s your own email address.

  • Step 3: Set up Two-factor Authentification

Provide Coinbase your phone number and submit the randomized code sent to your mobile device. Your account creation is now complete.

  • Step 4: Verify Identity

To be able to purchase cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, you will need to verify your identity. You can do this from within your account settings, and it will require you to upload various documents such as images of your Identification Card, Driver’s Licence, or Passport.

  • Step 5: Add Payment Method

Click the Buy/Sell tab at the top of your screen in your Coinbase account. You then want to click ‘Add a new account’ in the Payment Method section as seen in the image below.

coinbase add an account
Coinbase – Add a new payment method
  • Step 6: Add Credit Card

You then want to click ‘3D Secure Credit Card’ in the Add Account section that pops up.

coinbase add a credit card
Coinbase – Add a credit card
  • Step 7: Link Your Card

You can then link your credit card to your account by providing your card details and billing address.

  • Step 8: Buy Bitcoin

You are now ready to purchase Bitcoin with your credit card which can be done via the Buy/Sell page in your account.

You can then select Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency, select your credit card as the payment method, enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy, and then finally click ‘Buy Bitcoin Instantly’ to make the purchase.

coinbase instant buy bitcoin
Coinbase – Buy Bitcoin instantly with your credit card


Coinmama is one of the oldest and most established Bitcoin brokerages in the market today.

Coinmama focuses on providing customers with a fast, simple, and enjoyable experience when buying Bitcoin, and has extensive support services for ensuring that people new to the crypto space can buy Bitcoin with ease.

Coinmama Home Page
Coinmama Sign Up

Coinmama has Bitcoin purchase limits based on both the level of verification and daily/monthly maximums.

Overall Coinmama is an excellent choice for Bitcoin buyers of all levels of experience who simply want to do so quickly and efficiently.

Coinmama also is good for recurring purchases because of it’s loyalty card program which it launched in 2020. By using it you can now save up to 25% on fees which we think is a good deal if your dollar cost averaging or buying often in small amounts.

Please see our full Coinmama Review for further details.

“Given the speed of our account verification service and our support for credit/debit cards, we believe that our service is the nearest thing to instant online bitcoin purchases which a newcomer to crypto can find.

Once you’ve completed the creation of a Coinmama account, the only delay will be in the processing of your card and the transfer of your newly-purchased bitcoins over the blockchain (which should only take around 10 minutes on average).”

Coinmama Blog
Coinmama Blog
  • Wallet: No
  • Exchange: No
  • Registration: Yes
  • ID Accepted: National ID card, driver’s license, non-US passport
  • Restricted US States: Yes
  • Fees: 5% + 5.9% transaction fee
  • Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Mastercard

Pros & Cons


  • Simple registration and verification
  • Fast
  • Good customer support


  • High fees
  • Purchase limits
  • Some restricted US states


  • Step 1: Register

From the homepage, you can choose to sign up and register your Coinmama account using your email, first name, last name, and country of residence.

Create a Coinmama account
Coinmama account creation
  • Step 2: Account Verification

Log into your account. Select the verify your account option from the homepage.

Verify Coinmama Account
Coinmama Account Verification
  • Step 3: Personal Information

Fill out the details of the personal information form.

  • Step 4: Identification Document

Upload your identification document. You can start buying Bitcoin at this level of verification.

  • Step 5: Proof of Residence

Upload your proof of residence document if you wish to increase your account limits.

  • Step 6: Place Bitcoin Order

Return to the homepage. Select Bitcoin as your cryptocurrency and choose the amount to buy.

coinmama buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency

The price in your currency will be listed beside the amount of Bitcoin that you are buying. This price includes the transaction fee, but not the additional credit card fee, which you will need to calculate for yourself.

  • Step 7: Enter your Bitcoin wallet address

Select the Bitcoin wallet address where you would like to receive the purchased Bitcoins.

Coinmama Bitcoin Wallet Address e1554228740715
Coinmama – Enter your Bitcoin wallet address
  • Step 8: Select Payment Method

Select the debit/credit card option for your payment method.

  • Step 9: Credit Card Details

Fill out the details for the selected credit card that you will be using.

Coinmama Credit Card Payment
Coinmama Credit Card Payment Details


Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers services to customers in a large number of European countries and offers a huge range of flexible payment, transfer and withdrawal options to suit practically every user.

This flexibility, combined with low fees, reliable customer support, and ease-of-use have made Bitpanda one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe.

Bitpanda Sign Up
Bitpanda Sign Up

Bitpanda has daily, monthly, and total limits for depositing funds with a credit card to buy Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card on Bitpanda is easy, fast, and cheap for users from most European countries. Bitpanda also offers a functional Bitcoin wallet for storing, transferring, and trading your Bitcoin after your purchase.

Please see our full Bitpanda Review for further details.

“At Bitpanda we are firm believers in the innovative power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. This belief is the core of our mission: to be the key driving force in the ongoing fintech revolution by providing easy-to-use, safe and trustworthy access to digital assets for both new and experienced users.”
Bitpanda Team
Bitpanda Team
  • Wallet: Yes
  • Exchange: Yes
  • Registration: Yes
  • ID Accepted: Passport, ID card
  • Restricted US States: All
  • Fees: 1.49% + transaction costs
  • Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Mastercard

Pros & Cons


  • Low fees and transaction costs
  • Simple registration and verification
  • Fast
  • Strong customer support


  • Limited to EU countries and a few non-EU European countries
  • Deposit limits


  • Step 1: Register

Register your Bitpanda account using your email, first and last name and country of residence.

Bitpanda Registration
Bitpanda Registration Details
  • Step 2: Log In and go to the dashboard

Once your account is registered, you will need to log in and go to the Bitpanda dashboard. From the Bitpanda dashboard, there is an account verification option.

Bitpanda Dashboard
Bitpanda Dashboard
  • Step 3: Account Verification

To verify your account, you will need to fill out an information form and have your ID verified by either image or webcam.

Bitpanda Account Verification
Bitpanda Account Verification Form
  • Step 4: Deposit Funds in a Bitpanda Fiat Wallet

To buy Bitcoin on Bitpanda with a credit card, you will need to deposit funds from your credit card into one of your fiat wallets in your Bitpanda account.

Bitpanda Fiat Wallets
Bitpanda Fiat Wallets


Start by selecting deposit from the dashboard and then the appropriate fiat wallet.

  • Step 5: Select Payment Method

Select the credit card that you will be using to make your Bitcoin purchase.

Bitpanda Payment Options
Bitpanda Payment Options
  • Step 6: Enter the Deposit Amount

Choose the amount that you would like to deposit from your credit card. Confirm the purchase.

  • Step 7: Select Bitcoin from Dashboard

Return to your Bitpanda dashboard and select your Bitcoin wallet. From this screen, you can choose to buy Bitcoin with your deposited funds.

  • Step 8: Select Fiat Wallet for Payment

Choose the funded fiat wallet that you would like to make your Bitcoin purchase with.

  • Step 9: Place Bitcoin Order

Select the amount of Bitcoin that you would like to purchase, and then confirm your order.

Your purchased Bitcoins will be transferred to your Bitpanda Bitcoin wallet. From there you can send them to an external wallet if you desire.


CEX.IO was one of the first-movers in the cryptocurrency exchange industry and used to be a major Bitcoin mining organization. This history and commitment to cryptocurrency show in its sleek and well-organized exchange business.

CEX.IO offers 9 major cryptocurrencies, fiat currency support, and an advanced trading platform.

CEX.IO Sign Up
CEX.IO homepage

CEX.IO has daily and monthly deposit limits for credit cards.

CEX.IO’s robust trading platform, low transaction costs, and reasonable credit card deposit fees make it a top choice for many crypto investors.

“With the upgraded KYC (know your customer) procedure, CEX.IO is aiming at a zero-fraud service, which results in absolute security of customers’ funds.”
Vitaly Kedyk, CEX.IO Executive Director
Vitaly Kedyk
  • Wallet: Yes
  • Exchange: Yes
  • Registration: Yes
  • ID Accepted: Driver’s license, national ID card, international passport
  • Restricted US States: Yes
  • Fees: 2.99% + 0.25% or less transaction cost
  • Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Mastercard

Pros & Cons


  • Very secure
  • Good platform for beginners and experts
  • Margin trading


  • Complicated verification process
  • Deposit limits
  • Poor customer service reputation


  • Step 1: Register

Register your CEX.IO account using your email. You will also need to confirm your account using a telephone number.

CEX.IO Register
CEX.IO Registration Form
  • Step 2: Identity Verification

Login and start the identity verification process.

CEX.IO Proof of Identity
CEX.IO Proof of Identity
  • Step 3: Country of Residence

Select your country of residence, and input your Tax Identification Number if your country has one.

CEX.IO Country of Residence
CEX.IO Country of Residence
  • Step 4: Proof of Identity Document

Choose your form of identification. Upload photos of your documents.

  • Step 5: Selfie with Document

Take a selfie of yourself holding the document. Upload the photos.

  • Step 6: Personal Information

Fill out the necessary information about yourself.

  • Step 7: Identity Document Information

Fill out the necessary information about your identity document used for verification.

  • Step 8: Address Confirmation

Upload an image of a document that confirms your address, such as a recent utility bill.

  • Step 9: Payment Card Verification

Fill out the necessary payment card information for the credit card you intend to use.

  • Step 10: Selfie with Credit Card

Take a selfie of yourself holding the credit card and upload.

  • Step 11: Pictures of Credit Card with Identity Document

Take 2 photos of the front and back of your credit card alongside your identity document.

  • Step 12: Buy Crypto Instantly

From the main account page, choose the option to buy crypto instantly and select Bitcoin from the dropdown menu and input the amount.

CEX.IO Buy Crypto Instantly
CEX.IO – “Buy Crypto Instantly”


Luno is a Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange designed to make it easy for people new to the crypto space and also has a focus on countries in Asia and Africa, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Luno Sign Up
Luno Sign Up

Luno’s interface is intuitive and straightforward, and the exchange supports a large customer base of people for Bitcoin and Ethereum investing. Luno also has an extensive learning portal to help support users who want to increase their knowledge and trading skills.

Luno has very low daily and monthly deposit limits for accounts that are only ID verified, but this jumps to an industry-leading limit with verification of residence.

“Bitcoin has become so popular, in fact, that there are more people using the network worldwide than what it was designed to handle (luckily there are some improvements underway). Every day there are more uses for Bitcoin; more people, institutional investors, and banks that understand it; more positive press; and many positive industry developments, truly the next step in the evolution of money.”
Team Luno
Team Luno
  • Wallet: Yes
  • Exchange: Yes
  • Registration: Yes
  • ID Accepted: National identity card, driver’s license, passport
  • Restricted US States: All
  • Fees: 0.25% or less transaction cost
  • Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Mastercard

Pros & Cons


  • Fast
  • Very low fees
  • High quality mobile app
  • Beginner friendly with educational resources
  • Easy registration and verification
  • Very high monthly deposit limits with residence verification


  • Very low monthly deposit limits without residence verification
  • Limited to some European, African and Asian countries
Note: If you register for Luno using the button above you’ll receive to 15 Euros worth of Bitcoin when you deposit money into your Luno wallet and buy or sell Bitcoin to the value of EUR 250.00.


  • Step 1: Register

Use your email address to register your Luno account.

Luno Register
Luno Register Form
  • Step 2: Identity Verification

Log into your new account and begin the account verification process.


Luno Account Verification
Luno Account Verification
  • Step 3: Mobile Verification

Input your telephone number and then confirm the code that was sent to you either through voice or SMS.

Luno Mobile Verification
Luno Mobile Verification Form
  • Step 4: Personal Details

Fill in the form with your personal details.

Luno Personal Details
Luno Personal Details Form
  • Step 5: Verify Your Documents

Mobile verification is enough to start buying Bitcoins in some supported countries. If not, then you will need to upload an accepted document based on your country of residence to confirm the information supplied in your personal details.

  • Step 6: Verify Your Residence

To access the 3rd verification stage and the maximum deposit limit, you can voluntarily upload documents that confirm the permanent residence information you provided.

  • Step 7: Deposit Funds from Your Credit Card

To deposit funds from your credit card to purchase Bitcoins, go to your main account page and select the wallet for the type of funds you will be depositing.

Luno Deposit Local Currency Wallet
Luno Deposit Local Currency Wallet
  • Step 8: Add Your Credit Card

On the select payment screen, add the details of your credit card.

Luno Add Payment Method
Luno Add Payment Method Form
  • Step 9: Enter Deposit Amount

Enter the amount that you would like to deposit from your credit card.

Luno Deposit Amount
Luno Deposit Amount
  • Step 10: Choose Bitcoin

Return to the wallet screen and select the Buy option under your Bitcoin wallet.

  • Step 11: Select Currency

Choose the currency that you would like to buy your Bitcoins with.

  • Step 12: Select Amount

Choose the amount of Bitcoin that you would like to buy.

  • Step 13: Confirm Your Purchase

Confirm your Bitcoin purchase if all the details are correct.

Luno also offers the option of setting direct market orders with its exchange feature.


Bitstamp has a very sleek set-up and is backed by a subsidiary of NXC, a South Korean gaming giant that is a big player in the crypto industry.

While Bitstamp may not offer the same level of support and educational tools like some other exchanges, the sheer straightforwardness and simplicity of the site and services mean that anyone can comfortably buy Bitcoin using a credit card.

Bitstamp Home
Bitstamp Sign Up

Unlike most exchanges/brokers which allow credit card purchases, Bitstamp does not place any daily, monthly, or account limits.

Overall Bitstamp is a strong choice for people from all backgrounds to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, especially those who want to get into Bitcoin trading.

“We’ve rebuilt our app from the ground up to deliver all the tools that make Bitstamp attractive for experienced traders in an intuitive interface, simple enough that anyone can begin trading in seconds.”
Bitstamp Team
Bitstamp Team
  • Wallet: Yes
  • Exchange: Yes
  • Registration: Yes
  • ID Accepted: Photo ID
  • Restricted US States: None
  • Fees: 5% + 0.25% or less transaction fee depending on 30d volume
  • Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Mastercard

Pros & Cons


  • Very professional site and exchange service
  • Low transaction fees
  • Simple verification process
  • No deposit required to buy with a credit card
  • Advanced trading platform
  • No limits
  • Compatible with top hardware wallets


  • High credit card fee
  • Longer account verification waiting times reported
  • Reputation for poor customer support services


  • Step 1: Register

Register your Bitstamp account using your first name, last name, email address and country of residence.

Bitstamp Register
Bitstamp Register Form
  • Step 2: Verify Account

Log into your account and proceed to the verify account tab. Choose to verify a personal account.

Bitstamp Verify Account
Bitstamp Verify Account
  • Step 3: Personal Information

Fill out the details of the personal information form.

Bitstamp Personal Information
Bitstamp Personal Information Form
  • Step 4: Upload Identification and Proof of Residence Photos

On one screen, you can upload photos supporting your selected identification and proof of residence documents.

Bitstamp Identification and Proof of Residence
Bitstamp Identification and Proof of Residence Form
  • Step 5: Select Credit Card Purchase

Return to the main account page and select the credit card tab.

Bitstamp Credit Card Purchase
Bitstamp Credit Card Purchase Form
  • Step 6: Select Amount

Choose the amount of Bitcoin to buy and the currency you will be paying with.

  • Step 7: Credit Card Information

Fill out the necessary credit card information.

Bitstamp Credit Card Information
Bitstamp Credit Card Information Form

Binance Adds Card Support

Users of Binance can now also use credit and debit cards to buy cryptocurrency directly. Navigating to Binance.com will show a strip on the top of the exchange, which allows users to enter the amount they want to spend, which fiat currency they want to make their purchase in, and which cryptocurrency they want to buy.

Clicking the buy button will take users to Binance’s buying portal, where you can select your card provider – with both Visa and MasterCard support – or choose to go through a peer-to-peer (p2p) exchange.

Binance claims that their fiat to crypto gateway is streamlined with instant buys, easy, convenient, and reliable.

Although Binance’s fiat gateway has only been introduced since early 2020, they have been growing their offering aggressively in recent months. In July, Binance partnered with Etana Custody to offer 15 more fiat pairings for users worldwide, including:

  • Arab Emirates Dirham (AED),
  • Australian Dollar (AUD),
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD),
  • Swiss Franc (CHF),
  • British Pound (GBP),
  • Danish Krone (DKK),
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD),
  • Euros (EUR),
  • Czech Koruna (CZK),
  • Hungarian Forint (HUF),
  • Mexican Peso (MXN),
  • Norwegian Krone (NOK),
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD),
  • Polish złoty (PLN),
  • Swedish Krona (SEK).

With such a huge range of fiat currency support, Binance are making waves among cryptocurrency investors.

Buying Bitcoin With a Credit Card FAQ

Here is a brief FAQ to cover some of the main questions that arise when people are buying Bitcoin with a credit card.

What are cash advance fees?

Cash advance fees can sometimes be charged on credit card Bitcoin purchases depending on the bank that supports the credit card. These will be in addition to any charges from the broker/exchange.

While this practice is in decline, you can check with the bank that supports your credit card before making a Bitcoin purchase.

Why are credit card purchases of Bitcoin usually more expensive?

Service providers argue that credit card purchases are generally more likely to be declined, for which they can still incur charges and use up valuable time and resources.

They suggest that the higher fees are meant to offset these costs of offering a credit card option for buying Bitcoin.

Is there anywhere I can buy Bitcoin with a credit card without verification?

Not anymore from any reputable service providers. The world of cryptocurrency is increasingly regulated, and the use of credit cards means that service providers are forced to follow strict financial laws.

There are still alternate options out there, but nothing like the safety and ease of using an established crypto service provider.

Are there risks to providing my information?

There shouldn’t be any general risks to providing your credit card and account information. That said, keep tabs on the crypto service providers where you have submitted information, and if there is a hack reported, then take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. Just like you would with any other online service provider.

Never use the same password for any important accounts, crypto or otherwise. Using a strong random password generator is recommended.


  • Coinmama Accepted Identification
  • Coinmama Fees
  • Coinmama Accepted Credit Cards
  • Bitpanda Accepted Identification
  • Bitpanda Fees
  • Bitpanda Accepted Credit Cards
  • CEX.IO Accepted Identification
  • CEX.IO Fees
  • CEX.IO Accepted Credit Cards
  • Luno Accepted Identification
  • Luno Fees
  • Luno Accepted Credit Cards
  • Bitstamp Accepted Identification
  • Bitstamp Fees
  • Bitstamp Accepted Credit Cards

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