ProXPN VPN Review [2020 Update] : Not Recommended, Better Alternatives

In this review, we look at proXPN and provide a complete overview of its features, pricing, and performance, so you'll know if it's the right VPN for you.

We’ve done quite a few VPN reviews, but we had never heard of proXPN. Once we found out about it, we had to do a review.

TLDR – We dont think it is worthwhile and we would advise against using it, especially when there are so many great alternatives in our best vpn list.

ProXPN Review
proXPN Review

We were surprised to find out that proXPN was founded in 2009, so it is one of the oldest VPN services still on the market.

Although it has been in business for a long time, it hasn’t left its mark on the industry as some other VPNs have.

But, all of that doesn’t matter if it does a great job at keeping your identity/privacy safe and preventing your IP from being exposed right?

Let’s see if it is up to the task.

What is a VPN?

First things first, if you’re starting your research on VPNs, you should understand what they do and why they exist. VPN stands for virtual private network. These are essentially tunnels where data passes through. When the data passes through these tunnels, it goes through an encryption process so it cannot be read by anyone outside of the tunnel.

What is a VPN? - Source:
What is a VPN? – Source:

VPNs then offer you a unique IP address in a location different from your true location. This prevents people from tracking you down and finding the person behind the screen. If you are looking for anonymous web browsing or advanced data protection, you will use a VPN.

Understanding proXPN

proXPN sets out to protect your privacy with its VPN service. What package you choose will determine the extent of the benefits you receive. If you select its basic payment package, you’ll have limitations. For example, basic users can only use Windows or Mac.

Understanding ProXPN - Source:
Understanding proXPN – Source:

If you go for the premium package, you’ll gain access to Linux, iOS, and Android. The company is based in the US, a country which is part of the nine eyes agreement that requires its member to share information with other countries within the alliance.

What’s So Great About proXPN?

There are a few points worth making about proXPN. Overall, it provides a decent service with some perks. Let’s take a look at some of the best things about proXPN.

No Logging

The US jurisdiction of the company is troubling. Although it says, it has a no logging policy; you can never be too sure when you are dealing with the United States government. Luckily, it seems like proXPN has a strict no logging policy.

No Logging - Source:
No Logging – Source:

In its privacy policy, it claims to only collect your sign up information, email, and password. This is standard procedure.

Some VPNs take your real IP address, home address, and social security number. (kidding about that last one)

Secure Protocol

Although proXPN only offers two VPN protocols to choose from, they are two of the best vpn protocols. It offers OpenVPN, which is the fastest and most secure protocol on the market. Beyond that, you shouldn’t have to worry about needing any other protocol.

Secure Protocol - Source:
Secure Protocol – Source:

Free Option

One great thing about proXPN is that it offers a completely free package that gives you enough to get started. With a free account, you get encrypted browsing, unlimited data transfer, and an anonymous IP address. For many people, this might be enough to keep you happy for a while. Its paid package is not overly expensive either.

Free Option - Source:
Free Option – Source:

Downsides of proXPN

While you might be in seemingly good hands with proXPN, there is a lot of room for improvement. Here are some of the issues we found with proXPN.

Limited Information

The worst thing about some VPNs is that they don’t provide you with all the information you need to gain a solid understanding of the service. This is as true as it gets for proXPN. We had a hard time finding anything about their server locations, torrenting, and Netflix.

That probably means they do not allow torrenting, and that would make sense since they are USA based. US based VPN’s are only really good when you need to access a service based in the US with a US ip address. Otherwise they are usually terrible for privacy and don’t allow stuff like torrenting, offshore bitcoin casinos and so on. For a good list of VPNs which allow torrenting read this.

Limited Information - Source:
Limited Information – Source:

From the outside looking in, proXPN appears to be a “bare bones” service that doesn’t offer much.

Low-Quality Encryption

AES 256-bit encryption is becoming the standard across all VPN services. However, proXPN uses 2408-bit and a 512-bit encryption tunnel which is less secure. Almost all the other VPNs we’ve reviewed use 256-bit. It’s incredibly disappointing to see that proXPN hasn’t jumped aboard the train yet.

Low-Quality Encryption - Source:
Low-Quality Encryption – Source:

Pricing of proXPN

As you know, it offers a free and a premium option. First, let’s look at the free package.

For free, you get all the basics and nothing else. You won’t have unlimited bandwidth, which will result in slow speeds. You won’t be able to torrent, and you also won’t have access to smartphone apps. It also says that it doesn’t provide customer support to free members, which is crazy in our mind.

Pricing of ProXPN
Pricing of proXPN

Let’s move towards the paid package. A premium account has no network speed limits and allows you to connect to any of its servers worldwide, along with a few other benefits including support for mobile devices. Here is a generalized breakdown of the pricing plans:

  • Three month – $9.98 per month ($29.98 billed quarterly)
  • Six month – $8.33 per month ($49.95 billed twice a year)
  • 12-month – $6.25 per month ($74.95 billed yearly)

We would go out on a limb and say that there are more affordable VPNs that offer a lot better service.

Our Verdict

Let’s backtrack and look at a few things. With proXPN, you don’t get advanced encryption, you don’t get fast download speeds, and you don’t get an affordable service.

Our Verdict - Source:
Our Verdict – Source:

What do you get?

You have a bottom of the barrel VPN service that doesn’t offer much other than security for basic browsing. If you are looking to protect valuable information or hide your online activity from the authorities, ISPs, hackers, and governments, you most certainly want to stay away from proXPN.

If you are looking for a serious VPN service that provides everything you need to keep yourself safe online, check out some of our reviews of the best VPN services.

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