SlickVPN Review: Great Security, No Logging, and Works With Netflix

SlickVPN is an excellent all-round VPN, offering good security and privacy online. It also allows its users to download torrents and bypass Netflix's geo-restrictions. We provide a complete rundown of this service in this VPN review.

When you step foot onto the SlickVPN website you are greeted by the infamous “hacker” figure. Hackers have the potential to cause a lot of harm by gaining unauthorized access to your information. SlickVPN advertises itself as a form of protection against malicious actors like this.

SlickVPN Review
SlickVPN Review

SlickVPN is here to protect your privacy and prevent anyone from monitoring your online communications and activity. It does this by hiding your real IP address by replacing it with one from its servers. It also moves all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel so no one can see what you are doing or know who you are.

SlickVPN states that, “privacy is freedom.” Let’s see if it really lives up to this mantra.

What is SlickVPN?

Like most VPN services, the goal is to allow you to browse the internet anonymously. SlickVPN is a US-based VPN service operating around 150 servers. It uses protocols like OpenVPN and PPTP with 256-bit encryption.

What is SlickVPN?
What is SlickVPN?

With SlickVPN, you also have the option to connect up to five devices at the same time. It offers unlimited bandwidth, anonymous torrenting, no logging, and 30-day money back guarantee.

Boy oh boy, things are looking up for SlickVPN.

Pricing of SlickVPN

If we look at the pricing of SlickVPN, it’s simple and easy to understand. Signing up is also easy, and it offers an assortment of payment options, including Bitcoin, which is a major plus for us.

Pricing of SlickVPN
Pricing of SlickVPN

The plans do not change in terms of the benefits you receive. The only thing that changes between plans is the amount of money you pay based on how far out you stretch your agreement.

Here is a breakdown of SlickVPN’s pricing:

  • One month – $10 per month
  • Six months – $5 per month ($30 every six months)
  • One year – $4 per month ($48 every year)

Is it the cheapest VPN we’ve ever seen? Definitely not, but it is certainly not the most expensive either. If it can provide a top of the line service with plenty of benefits, it would be well worth this price.

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What We Like About SlickVPN

We haven’t seen a single thing we dislike about SlickVPN yet. Overall, the service offers everything you would want from a VPN. Here are some of the things we like most.

Top of the Line Security

What else could you want from a VPN? You are looking for it to protect your identity and keep your information safe so that should always be the first thing you look for. With SlickVPN you’ll never have to worry about hackers, the government, or your ISP monitoring your online activities and collecting information from you.

Top of the Line Security - Source:
Top of the Line Security – Source:

SlickVPN uses the best protocols (OpenVPN and PPTP) as well as military-grade 256-bit encryption.

No Logging

All that security stuff is useless if SlickVPN is storing your information and selling it to others. Many services store information like your IP address, home address, name, and more. When they store this information, they have an avatar of your true identity, so if authorities wanted to find you, they could ask the VPN company to forfeit that information.

No Logging - Source:
No Logging – Source:

Luckily, SlickVPN does not collect any of that information so you won’t have to worry about the government forcing it to hand over your data.

Netflix or Your Money Back

We wanted to scream to the heavens when we saw this. We have never seen a VPN service put their money where their mouth is, but SlickVPN gets the job done. It offers you a complete refund if you cannot get past geo-restrictions on Netflix.

Netflix or Your Money Back - Source:
Netflix or Your Money Back – Source:

During our research, we found a few tests, and although it wasn’t perfect. It was able to access Netflix on a few UK and US servers.

Torrent All You Want

You would never think the benefits could continue to stack up, but they do. In addition to Netflix, you also get unlimited torrenting on all of its servers. You don’t have to stick to its overcrowded P2P servers either. It gets better and better.

Torrent All You Want - Source:
Torrent All You Want – Source:

More Devices

Look around your house at all the devices you have. If you have something with an internet connection, chances are you can connect it to a SlickVPN server. We’re not even going to make a list because it would go on and on.

More Devices - Source:
More Devices – Source:

There’s only one catch. If you want to connect using a game console or Smart TV, you need to set up a second router that you connect to the VPN and connect the TV or console through there. It’s not an easy method, but if you are dead-set on using your Xbox with SlickVPN, it is possible.

What We Dislike About SlickVPN

After reading all of the incredible features of this service, you might be expecting us to say, “well, that’s it there are no cons.” We won’t be doing that, but the good outweighs the bad with SlickVPN so don’t worry.

US Jurisdiction

Whenever you are using a VPN based in a country that is part of the five eyes jurisdiction, there is potential for trouble. The United States does a lot of surveillance, and it doesn’t like it when people have complete privacy. As a result, at any point, the US government could demand that SlickVPN forfeit its information if it believes you are engaging in illegal activity.

US Jurisdiction - Source:
US Jurisdiction – Source:

Thankfully, SlickVPN is not logging anything you do so it would be hard for the government to prove anything anyway.

Slow it Down

When you have strict encryption standards, it often means you’ll experience a significant slowdown in terms of download speeds. We never know how bad the speed will get so we always research speed tests. During our research, we found people experiencing speed drops off up to 80%. In most cases, it appears to be much faster than this, but it’s worth us mentioning this nonetheless.

Slow it Down - Source:
Slow it Down – Source:

SlickVPN is not the slowest VPN we have ever seen, but it is not the fastest either.

Our Verdict

We covered quite a bit of information here on SlickVPN. We would highly recommend checking out this service due to its top of the line security, no logging policy, compatibility with Netflix, and unlimited torrenting. It has everything you could ever want out of a VPN service.

Our Verdict - Source:
Our Verdict – Source:

All SlickVPN has to do is move its operations to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and it would indeed be the perfect VPN.

If you aren’t satisfied with SlickVPN’s service, you might want to check out some of our other VPN reviews.

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