SpyOFF VPN Review [2020] – Good Service, but One Drawback

SpyOFF is a VPN that gives its users access to more than 1000 servers. We provide a complete rundown of this service and all of its features in this review.

It seems like a lot of VPNs tuck themselves away in countries that no one has ever heard of. SpyOFF VPN absolutely falls into that category. This company resides in the country of San Marino, which is hidden amongst the mountains of Northeast Italy.

Spyoff VPN Review
SpyOFF VPN Review

Like many VPN’s, SpyOFF promises not to log your information, it protects you with industry-leading encryption and protocols, plus it has an assortment of features built into its service to help protect and serve you.

To find out whether any VPN lives up to its claims, you need to dive deep within its website and policies to understand its business practices. Not all VPNs are created equal, and we’re going to learn in this article if SpyOFF VPN is worth it.

TLDR – We think you are better choosing a faster and more comprehensive VPN service.

Presenting SpyOFF VPN

One of the first things you always look for when shopping for a VPN is its jurisdiction. When a VPN company is located in one of the many countries included in the 14 eyes surveillance alliance, it is considered to be a risk to privacy.

That’s because these countries share data and intelligence secretly as a way of combating terrorism and other criminal activities. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of privacy, as they must spy on their citizens in order to intercept these crimes effectively.

Presenting Spyoff VPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Presenting Spyoff VPN

Italy is part of the 14 eyes alliance, but luckily, the sovereign nation of San Marino is not. Jurisdiction outside the Italian justice system means that you don’t have to worry (as much) about the government cracking down and forcing SpyOFF VPN to hand over information.

SpyOFF has over 1000 servers in 40 different countries, which is certainly impressive. It also uses 356-bit SSL encryption, which is considered standard by most cybersecurity professionals.

If you use Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux; congratulations, because you are the only ones who will have a chance of using SpyOFF VPN. While this will be enough for most users, we love to see compatibility with gaming systems, routers, Smart TVs, and so on, but you won’t get that with this VPN.

We’ll get into more details about what we like and dislike about SpyOFF VPN in our pros and cons section.

SpyOFF VPN Pricing

Most VPNs offer one month, three months, one year, two years, or some variation of that. SpyOFF is the same and offers a one-month, 6-months, and 12-months plans. The 12-months plan comes with 4 extra free months for the first year, making it 16-months.

Spyoff VPN Pricing
SpyOFF VPN Pricing

None of the plans vary in offerings, but the only thing that changes is the amount you pay based on how far you spread it out. If you sign up for a 16-month commitment, your payments are less when you factor them out.

Here is a generalized breakdown of the SpyOFF VPN pricing structure:

  • One month – $12.99 per month (every month)
  • Six months – $10.99 per month (billed $65.94 every six months)
  • 16 months – $5.60 per month (billed $89.60 every 16 months) *
*With the 16-month plan, there is a clause that says after the first 16 months they will bill you for every 12 months. So you get four months extra free on your first year, but the plan is a 12-month rotating payment plan after that.

With all of their payment options, you get a 15-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee.

What We Like About SpyOFF VPN

So far in this review, we have not found much that we don’t like about SpyOFF VPN. It offers a lot of great features and uses industry-leading VPN protocols. Let’s take a look at some of the things we like most about SpyOFF VPN.

Protocol and Encryption Options

Not only does it offer the best security and encryption, but it also provides you with an assortment of options to choose. We would always suggest sticking to the default if you don’t understand how the different protocols work. Plus, the default is OpenVPN, which is already a top-notch choice.

Protocol and Encryption Options Spyoff VPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Protocol and Encryption Options SpyOFF VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

In addition to great protocols, it also uses AES-256-bit encryption, which is the same encryption the FBI and NSA use. When you are using SpyOFF VPN, you don’t have to worry about outsiders accessing your information.

Go Ahead and Torrent

SpyOFF is not perfect in the torrenting space, but it’s about as close as you can get. Torrenting opens your computer up to a lot of risks, including malware and viruses, as well as legal issues, so VPNs will often restrict access to prevent anything bad from happening.

Go Ahead and Torrent Spyoff VPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Go Ahead and Torrent Spyoff VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

However, most of SpyOFF’s servers will work for torrenting; you may just have to test its different servers to find the one that works best for you.

Netflix and Chill

Yes, you can watch Netflix using SpyOFF VPN. During our research, we found a test of four SpyOFF servers; the test showed that all four unblocked Netflix and allowed complete access.

Netflix and Chill For Spyoff VPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Netflix and Chill For SpyOFF VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

We also found that some users experienced trouble streaming from servers in the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. Once again, you might have to spend a little time searching for a working server. With over 1000 servers you should have no problem finding one that does the trick.

What We Dislike About SpyOFF VPN

With SpyOFF VPN, we have only one major problem, but it is a big one. Its logging policy is straightforward, and it says that it does not store any information, and it will never share it with third-parties. So it is apparently considered a zero log vpn then.

What We Dislike About Spyoff VPN
What We Dislike About Spyoff VPN

The only problem is…

We found out that it does not own any of its servers. SpyOFF rents the servers and sells them at an upcharge. What this means is, SpyOFF has no idea what goes on with its servers because all it does is sell them.

This could be no problem at all, or it could be misleading tons of people and the company that owns the server could be storing everything and handing it out to anyone who asks.

We’ll never know the truth behind its logging policy, so it makes using SpyOFF seems about as safe as betting on a roulette wheel in a bitcoin online casino. It could pay-off, but your more likely to be burned.

Our Verdict

If you asked us if we recommend SpyOFF VPN, we would say yes. Although we would use this VPN, we would want to be careful. The jurisdiction is excellent, the security and encryption are perfect, but we can’t forget that it does not own its servers.

Our Verdict For Spyoff VPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Our Verdict For SpyOFF VPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

If that is something you could overlook than SpyOFF VPN might be the right choice for you. If not, make sure you check out some of the great vpns we recommend like Protonvpn, Nordvpn, Expressvpn and others in our best vpn list.

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