WiTopia PersonalVPN Review [2020 Updated] – Read This Before Buying

WiTopia PersonalVPN boasts some impressive server speeds, but is that enough for us to recommend this service? Find out in this comprehensive VPN review.

Witopia PersonalVPN is a service that has existed for the past couple of years, mainly flying under the radar when compared to its competitors. But it could be a useful VPN solution for you. Read our review below to find out why we do not recommend it.

Witopia PersonalVPN Review
Witopia PersonalVPN Review

What is Witopia PersonalVPN?

Witopia is a VPN service based in Virginia, USA (Big no no in our books). The company provides customers with access to more than 300 servers based in 45 different countries. This VPN service relies on the OpenVPN protocol and AES-128 encryption. It also uses TLSv1.2 handshake encryption.

What is Witopia PersonalVPN?
What is Witopia PersonalVPN?

Witopia offers numerous different price points from which customers can choose. However, no matter which option customers choose, they will receive access to five simultaneous connections.

They will also gain access to additional tunneling protocols, like PPTP, L2TP.IPsec, and an Optimized Super-Fast IPsec w/IKEv2. Some plans also provide customers with fully-customizable gateways.

Lastly, other features that customers will find when using this product include unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server switching. Those using this VPN should have no problem changing from a server in one country to a server in another.


What jumped out at us about this product? Below, you’ll find some of the things that we liked the most.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

The first thing that stood out to us was how fast this VPN was. We used baseline download speeds of 97 Mbps and upload speeds of 53 Mbps. The download speeds got faster when we tested the product on a US-based server, which is practically unheard of when using a VPN.

Lightning-Fast Speeds Witopia PersonalVPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Lightning-Fast Speeds Witopia PersonalVPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

Typically, users can expect some sort of slow down any time they use a VPN, but this is apparently not the case with Witopia PersonalVPN. The download speeds were 126 Mbps.

In this instance, our ISP must have been throttling our bandwidth, which is a common tactic ISPs use to entice customers to pay for premium ‘faster’ plans. PersonalVPN’s US server was able to prevent this bandwidth throttling, allowing us to enjoy faster speeds.

When we tested a European server, the download speeds were about 74 Mbps. However, upload speeds increased. After conducting our Witopia review, this is definitely one of the fastest VPN services we’ve ever come across.

Ability to Choose a Tunneling Protocol

We also liked the fact that users could choose from one of four tunneling protocols. OpenVPN is the default, and for a good reason. It is routinely the most-trusted tunneling protocol available today. However, it does not work well with all devices. We like that Witopia supports various VPN protocols so that customers could choose the one that best fit their needs.

Ability to Choose a Tunneling Protocol Witopia PersonalVPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Ability to Choose a Tunneling Protocol Witopia PersonalVPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

Ease of Use

The last thing that jumped out at us was how easy Witopia made this product to use. The service works on Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. Not only does the service work on these systems, but the company provides detailed instructions so that you can install and operate the software easily.

Ease of Use Witopia PersonalVPN
Ease of Use Witopia PersonalVPN


While there are many things that we like about Witopia’s PersonalVPN, there are also some things that we don’t.


PersonalVPN has been around since the early 2000s, and it shows. The platform is obsolete and does not have a sleek, modern look. This harms the product from more than an aesthetic standpoint.

Outdated Witopia PersonalVPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Outdated Witopia PersonalVPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

For instance, if you wish to switch networks while using this service, you need to log off one server before connecting to another. There is no kill-switch to protect you during this process. This is an old way to switch servers.

Logs Information

When reviewing VPN services, we hate it when we come across a reliable product, only to discover that the company logs data. That’s precisely the case here. Although PersonalVPN does not collect logs regarding your browsing history, it will maintain records of things such as your email address and payment information. We will never recommend a VPN that keeps any kind of logs.

Logs Information Witopia PersonalVPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Logs Information Witopia PersonalVPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

Pricing Info

Customers can buy PersonalVPN Basic for about $3 per month if they choose the 36-month plan. Otherwise, the cost is $6 per month, which is still incredibly affordable compared to the cost of some other VPN providers. Other purchasing options include:

Pricing Info Witopia PersonalVPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Pricing Info Witopia PersonalVPN
  • $80 for two years
  • $50 for one year
  • $29 for six months

Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to upgrade to PersonalVPN Pro. In addition to the features found in the Basic package, customers will also receive Stealth Mode with TOR Technology. This is a useful feature, as it makes the VPN appear as regular web traffic.

This technology could be helpful when torrenting or streaming, but your not allow to torrent or stream since it is USA based! For a good VPN that accepts torrents, see our article ‘Best vpns for torrenting‘.

This plan is a bit pricier, costing $160 for three years or $40 for six months. There is no one-month option available.

The last plan that customers can buy is the Premier plan. Users can connect up to eight devices at the same time when using this service. Additionally, they can add a VPN router, which enables the service to work with things such as gaming consoles and smart TVs.

Customers will receive access to SecureMyMail Encrypted Email as well. This plan costs $60 for six months or $210 for three years. Witopia provides a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee with each one of its plans.


Final Verdict

After conducting our Witopia review, we do not recommend the product as we feel other VPN services are more secure and offer more features.

It doesnt allow torrenting, you cant use it for stuff like online casinos and crypto exchanges (like bitmex) because it is USA based and your data gets logged.

The incredible upload and download speeds are great, but you are restricted in using them.

Final Verdict Witopia PersonalVPN - Source: Shutterstock.com
Final Verdict Witopia PersonalVPN – Source: Shutterstock.com

The outdated system is also a big red flag. We don’t like that your data would be vulnerable when switching from one server to another. You should be able to expect basic features like a kill-switch when paying such a premium for a VPN.

Get one of our best vpn recommendations instead.


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