Blockchain News

Latest Blockchain News ✅ – Stay up to date with the current news as it happens. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

Here’s a quick summary of blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain is a distributed public ledger which stores all transactions ever to have happened.
  • It is immutable and accessible by anyone.
  • Almost all cryptocurrencies have a blockchain.
  • Transactions are split into blocks which are validated and secured by miners.
  • Blockchain, more recently, has allowed the conception of smart contracts on platforms such as Ethereum.
  • These blockchain-based smart contracts serve as a platform for programmable transactions, for example, ICO token sales.

Spain Considers Tax Breaks for Crypto Companies

Spain has confirmed that they are in the process of investigating the possibilities of introducing tax exemptions for companies in the crypto and ICO...

Blockchain Is Taking IoT Development to the Next Level

Brief introduction to IoT The Internet of Things (IoT), refers to the rapidly growing network of devices connected to the internet, which collect and share...

The Shifting Tide from Bitcoin to Blockchain

Right through 2017, it was on everybody's lips, the talk of the town. Everywhere you looked, Bitcoin popped up. News outlets like Fox and...

Is 2020 the Year That IoT and Blockchain Merge to Usher...

Will blockchain finally set the Internet of Things (IoT) free with fully machine-to-machine, device-to-device communications that will deliver autonomous supply chains, sensor controlled smart...

Dubai’s Crypto emCash Could Be the Fiat Currency Slayer

Dubai recently announced that it is launching a cryptocurrency called emCash, that will be used through a mobile-based wallet called EmCredit. It will be the...