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Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Hard Fork that allows you to mine Bitcoin with GPU


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Bitcoin Gold (BTG) was forked from Bitcoin in October 2017. It is a community-led project that wanted to become more decentralized than Bitcoin. Some within the community felt a very small number of groups controlled the manufacture and distribution of mining equipment, so BTG introduced a new proof-of-work algorithm that allows anyone to participate in the mining process – not just those with specialized and expensive hardware.

Supporters of BTG believe this is more in line with Satoshi’s original vision. BTG was never designed to overtake Bitcoin, unlike Bitcoin Cash, as it wanted to wrestle mining power away from those dominating the mining sector and hand it back to everyday amateur miners equipped with a GPU.

Hype and Reach

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has a good reach and community following. The project has good hype, with lots of buzz on social media websites concerning the project.

Community Trust/Red Flags

The community trust score with respect to this project reasonably good, stipulating that there may be some concerns, but that they are probably previous problems of no real ongoing importance.


Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is not transparent regarding commercial operations, which might be seen as a red flag in specific cases. It does not have a privacy policy, legal disclaimer or contact details accessible to examine on its website.


This project does not have the backing of any VC firms, other institutions or prominent backers. This could indicate that the project is higher risk.

Product Completion

The completion score for the project is good, indicating that the final product/mainnet has been launched successfully.


Taking all metrics into mind, this project has a fairly good final score, but there might still be some underlying risks involved with investing in this project. Projects with scores in this area often have varied ratings in different areas, and these ought to be reviewed independently.

Any potential investors are advised to study the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) whitepaper, which is available to view here.


Hype Algorithm
Reach Algorithm
Product Completion
Contact Info / Privacy Policy
VC Backing
Community Trust

MetricsParsed: 09/17/2018 22:34:25

Alexa Rank:143,448
Ahrefs Domain Rank:68
Google Mentions:25,900
Whitepaper Word Count:3,100
Telegram Subscribers:3,005
Twitter Followers:73,761
Facebook Likes:23,655
Github Stars:558
Github Contributors:356
Github Forks:304
Github Commits:27,101
Linkedin Employees:22
Linkedin Followers:162


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