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BitShares (BTS)

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BitShares was created in 2014 by Dan Larimer and is based on an open source blockchain implementation called Graphene. Its main goal is to be a fully-fledged decentralized exchange with value tokens tied to real-life assets, not a peer-to-peer currency. Users can convert cryptocurrencies into stable assets, called BitAssets, that are pegged to real life assets like USD or Gold. BitUSD, for example, is tied to the value of USD.

Hype and Reach

BitShares (BTS) boasts an excellent reach, with a great community following. The project has very good hype, with a great deal of buzz on social websites about the project.

Community Trust/Red Flags

The community trust score with respect to the project is very good, stipulating there are virtually no records of scams, red flags or other worries regarding the project.


BitShares (BTS) is not transparent concerning business operations, which might be seen as a red flag in particular scenarios. It does not have a privacy policy, legal disclaimer or contact information accessible to view on its website.


The project does not have the backing of any venture capital firms, other organizations or noteworthy backers. This could indicate that the project is higher risk.

Product Completion

The completion score for this project is solid, indicating that the complete product/mainnet has been launched successfully.


This project has a relatively good final score, but there could be some underlying risks involved in investing in the project. Projects with scores in this area often have assorted ratings in different areas, and these must be assessed independently.

All potential investors are advised to study the BitShares (BTS) whitepaper, which is available to view here.


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Reach Algorithm
Product Completion
Contact Info / Privacy Policy
VC Backing
Community Trust

MetricsParsed: 09/17/2018 22:26:12

Alexa Rank:50,783
Ahrefs Domain Rank:70
Google Mentions:12,200
Whitepaper Word Count:11,133
Telegram Subscribers:10,921
Twitter Followers:90,995
Github Stars:1,106
Github Contributors:163
Github Forks:1,184
Github Commits:27,206
Linkedin Employees:18
Linkedin Followers:528


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