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The Intelligent Retail Currency.


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Fluzcoin, a truly intelligent retail currency, is looking to solve key deficiencies that prevent a widespread use of cryptocurrencies by consumers and retailers alike:

  • Excess volatility;
  • High transaction cost;
  • Slow transaction speed;
  • Insufficient KYC compliance while protecting consumer data privacy.

To achieve these goals, Fluzcoin has developed a new system of AI-powered coin governance, which controls volatility and offers an appreciation path for coin holders. At the same time, last generation blockchain technology enables Fluzcoin to provide high-speed transactions and a cost-free environment for the retailer. Every Fluzcoin retail participant will have completed Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check, thus providing merchants with a compliant coin, who will also gain access to a new generation of digital and mobile consumers.


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Alexa Rank:5,762,872
Ahrefs Domain Rank:7
Google Mentions:1,130
Whitepaper Word Count:23,369
Telegram Subscribers:20,667
Twitter Followers:3,022
Facebook Likes:1,911
Github Contributors:2
Github Commits:2
Linkedin Employees:3
Linkedin Followers:56


Stefan Krautwald

Commercial Director

David Rosenblatt

Corporate Development Director

Antons Sapriko

IT Director


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