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A blockchain-based platform for booking hotel rooms online


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You’re able to acquire NSP tokens (Nomad.Space’s tokens) during their ICO beginning November 1, 2018 and finishing on February 28, 2019. Having a max cap of 5,000,000 USD and softcap of 1,000,000 USD, Nomad.Space’s ICO is raising investment in ETH at 0.10 USD per NSP token.

As outlined by the website of Nomad.Space:

“Project goal is to create a global wide blockchain platform on hotel online booking eliminating middleman fees and covering 20% of the hospitality market that will double by 2030 exceeding $1 trillion in volume and thus outperform major rival OTAs. is an unlimited space of your traveling.”


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Google Mentions:981
Whitepaper Word Count:31,678
Telegram Subscribers:34
Twitter Followers:91
Facebook Likes:32
Github Contributors:1
Github Commits:5


Dmitry Lyutyagin

NOMAD Founder


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