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OmiseGO (OMG)

Enables financial inclusion and interoperability


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OmiseGO is a Thai company founded in 2013 who are most noted for their online payment gateway. They are often known as the ‘Stripe of Southeast Asia.’ Omise developed the OmiseGo financial platform on the Ethereum blockchain. It attracted high-profile partners early on because of the existing online payment product, and they count Vitalik Buterin as one of their advisors.

OmiseGO wants to make it cheaper to send and receive payments, including the exchange of currencies, for fiat or cryptocurrencies. Its goal is to enable financial inclusion, particularly for the unbanked, and to make financial transactions more efficient. They are also targeting merchants and payment processors so that they can provide the seamless exchange of currency types between any networks.

Hype and Reach

OmiseGO (OMG) has a powerful reach, with a great social following. The project has exceptional hype, with a good deal of buzz on social websites relating to the project.

Community Trust/Red Flags

The community trust score with regards to this project fairly good, indicating that there could be some concerns, but that they are probably previous issues of no real current significance.


OmiseGO (OMG) is not transparent in regards to commercial operations, which might be seen as a red flag in particular scenarios. It does not have a privacy policy, legal disclaimer or contact information available to view on its website.


The project has the support of a number of venture capital companies, other institutions or notable backers. Projects which are supported tend to be viewed as low risk.

Product Completion

The completion score for the project is good.


This project has a relatively good final score, but there might still be some underlying risks involved in investing in this project. Projects with scores in this range usually have varying scores in different areas, and these must be assessed independently.

All prospective investors are advised to study the OmiseGO (OMG) whitepaper, which is available to view here.


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Product Completion
Contact Info / Privacy Policy
VC Backing
Community Trust

MetricsParsed: 09/17/2018 22:29:21

Alexa Rank:263,689
Ahrefs Domain Rank:66
Google Mentions:17,300
Whitepaper Word Count:6,385
Twitter Followers:286,979
Facebook Likes:9,651
Github Stars:1,148
Github Contributors:53
Github Forks:279
Github Commits:3,212
Linkedin Employees:26
Linkedin Followers:461


Jun Hasegawa

CEO / Founder

Donnie Harinsut

COO / Co-Founder

Luke Cheng


Robin Clart



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