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Zilliqa (ZIL)

Scalable and secure blockchain platform


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Zilliqa aims to address the scalability issues that existing blockchains face by providing a platform that can scale to thousands of transactions per seconds using on chain sharding. Sharding allows transactions to be processed on smaller shards simultaneously across the network. Zilliqa was formed out of an R&D project by the University of Singapore.

Hype and Reach

Zilliqa (ZIL) has an excellent reach, along with an outstanding social following. The project has excellent hype, with a good deal of buzz on social media websites around the project.

Community Trust/Red Flags

The community trust score for this project is exceptional, suggesting that there are virtually no reports of scams, red flags or other worries with regards to the project.


Zilliqa (ZIL) is not transparent with regards to business operations, which could be observed as a red flag in specific cases. It does not have a privacy policy, legal disclaimer or contact information available to evaluate on its website.


The project has the support of one or more VC companies, other institutions or noteworthy backers. Projects that are backed are sometimes seen as low risk.

Product Completion

The completion score for the project is very good, indicating that the complete product/mainnet has been released successfully.


Taking all metrics into account, this project has a great final score. The project is probably of reasonably low risk for prospective investors. Projects with scores in this range generally have a decent team, great community trust, and some backing.

Any prospective investors are advised to read the Zilliqa (ZIL) whitepaper, which is available to view here.


Hype Algorithm
Reach Algorithm
Product Completion
Contact Info / Privacy Policy
VC Backing
Community Trust

MetricsParsed: 09/17/2018 22:20:19

Alexa Rank:177,129
Ahrefs Domain Rank:55
Google Mentions:34,200
Whitepaper Word Count:11,732
Telegram Subscribers:28,992
Twitter Followers:50,998
Github Stars:782
Github Watching:8
Github Contributors:33
Github Forks:171
Github Commits:4,442
Linkedin Employees:46
Linkedin Followers:23


Xinshu Dong

Chief Executive Officer

Yaoqi Jia

Head of Technology

Amrit Kumar

Head of Research

Yiling Ding

Chief Marketing Officer


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