Coinvest, a Rare Breed in the Ever Growing Market of ICOs

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In a rush? Here are some quick facts about coinvest:



ICO: March 9th, 2018.

Token: COIN, an ERC-20 token.

In a nutshell: The world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.

With all the noise among cryptocurrencies and ICOs today, it can be hard to determine what’s worthwhile – then you come across a gem like Coinvest.

Coinvest recognized a glaring problem with cryptocurrency investing today, and are creating the solution. With many investors frustrated by the complexity, fragmentation, and general lack of quality of cryptocurrency investment options available on the market, Coinvest is launching a platform that will allow investors to buy, sell and spend a whole array of cryptocurrencies all under one umbrella.

Coinvest aims to revolutionize cryptocurrency investing with the world’s first decentralized investment trading market.

What is Coinvest?

Coinvest is a trading platform that empowers investors to make virtual investment transactions (like derivatives) and redeem profit from their trades through a process that is entirely decentralized and handled by smart contracts. Their platform is an all-in-one investment platform and wallet. They aim to be a one-stop solution that enables anyone to easily invest in hundreds of different cryptonized assets and spend cryptocurrencies – using just one wallet and only one coin.

Coinvest’s key advantage is that they are decentralized. Their investment process is managed by smart contracts that include user investment data and funds. User funds are held in escrow by the smart contract – not by a centralized third-party – until they are withdrawn by the user. Coinvest cannot touch or manage those funds or the liquidity pool reserve that collateralizes and backs the investments. Once funds are withdrawn from a user’s portfolio, they can be stored in the wallet or spent directly from the wallet using the built-in debit account.

How is Coinvest Different from Exchanges?

  1. Decentralization – Coinvest’s smart contracts control the network.
  2. Flexible Trading Options – Coinvest is the first crypto investment trading platform to provide investors the ability to execute limit orders, shorting, futures, 3x ETFs, etc.
  3. Convenience – Users no longer have to worry about dealing with multiple protocols, transferring assets, managing multiple wallets and private keys. With Coinvest, it’s all-in-one.
  4. Coin Support – Many exchanges only support a small number of coins. Coinvest plans to support 50-250 in 2018 alone. Since they’re virtualizing trades, they can onboard coins very easily.
  5. Simplicity – Easily invest in hundreds of cryptonized assets and indexes with one wallet and one COIN.
  6. Debit Card Account Support – Instead of having to convert your coins back to fiat on current exchanges, you can spend directly from your Coinvest account through their Debit card.

How Does Coinvest Protect its Investors?

Unlike many other companies in this industry, Coinvest has elected to file its COIN token as a security proactively. By doing so, the company mitigates the risk of current and future regulation in the ever-changing industry landscape. The filing is led by legal counsel Olshan Frome Wolosky, which has aided some of the industry’s largest offerings such as Overstock and Filecoin. Olshan will also lead the company in acquiring money transmitter and banking licenses required to operate it’s fiat and debit card strategies. In an industry where many companies ignore compliance, the Coinvest community can be assured that the company is taking actions to protect the best interests of its investors, users, and overall business.

Who’s Behind Coinvest?

The team behind Coinvest is strong, led by an experienced team of technology alumni from companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe. Coinvest will be opening its primary office on Wall Street in New York, which is touted as the financial capital of the world. The company also boasts a highly-acclaimed board of advisors – Tony Scott, former CIO of the US Government, VMWare, and Microsoft. Also, Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable and Kendrick Nguyen, CEO of investment platform Republic. Both of which are located in New York.

Furthermore, Coinvest has many product and strategic partners helping them fire on all cylinders, including authentication with Civic, secure multi-asset wallet technology with Changelly, alliance support as a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and more.

When is the Token Sale?

Coinvest closed their private offering rapidly in January, which was oversubscribed with more than 1500 registrants and nearly 4x the targeted maximum cap of $3 million. And that demand has continued to grow.

The Coinvest token sale commences on March 9th. More than 23,000 people have registered so far, with an average investment amount of $6200. And they’re capping the max fund contribution at $30 million.

This token sale will seed Coinvest’s mission of democratizing cryptocurrencies and bring them to the masses by creating decentralized tools for the world to invest and spend cryptonized assets seamlessly.

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