A company called Midex recently conducted a new social study. Midex mainly deals in blockchain infrastructure and exchanges, and recently, they decided to see how do regular workers feel about switching to cryptocurrencies.

All of their interviews have been recorded via hidden cameras and can be found on their official channel on YouTube.

The experiment and its results

To conduct this experiment, Midex has decided to question 50 individual participants, as well as five charitable organizations. The entire operation was carefully planned out in partnership with various directors of different offices.

At first, the directors have asked the employees how would they feel about switching to cryptocurrencies when it comes to receiving their salaries.

The participants were not rushed and were given all the time they need to carefully think this offer through, and even consult with others. The first thing that surprised Midex is that the large majority of participants had already have heard of cryptocurrencies. Some of them knew a lot about the topic, while others have only heard of the name, but most of them had some level of knowledge about them.

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The reactions to the proposal were different, and for the most part – quite amusing. Many thought that it was a prank, while others were instantly pro-crypto, or against it. Another interesting thing is that many of the pro-crypto participants changed their minds after thinking about it more, or consulting with people over the phone. However, the same thing happened with some of those who were initially against the offer. They too changed their minds and decided to give cryptocurrencies a chance.

A lot of younger participants were among the first ones to accept the offer, while the older ones took more time to think about it more deeply. In the end, the results showed that about 36% of participants decided to accept the cryptocurrencies, or at least give the new system a chance.

Pros and cons of the offer

Despite the fact that the majority of participants decided that they wouldn’t like the proposed change, neither they nor the cryptocurrencies are entirely responsible for these decisions. A big problem with accepting cryptocurrencies in the world comes from the lack of knowledge about them.

Once again, there is a line that divides the real world from the digital one. In the digital one, cryptocurrencies have already become a well-established thing, while the real world has hardly heard about them. This is a problem because nobody would trust something that they know nothing about.

Another issue might be the legality of it. In many countries around the world, the rules and laws regarding this sort of change aren’t exactly clear. The so-called “gray area of legality” might have raised red flags in the minds of those who were expected to come up with a decision in a relatively short notice. Stress, confusion, and inconvenience are major factors that should not be overlooked by those who wish to apply this change.

It’s not all that bad, though, and there are a lot of positives when it comes to switching to cryptocurrencies. For example, cryptocurrencies are quite easy to use. Transactions are secure, and they are fast, and even cheap. Currencies can be exchanged with ease in many platforms, and in many countries.

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