Blockchains LLC unveiled to a group of local reporters, on June 27, its new 25,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Sparks, Northern Nevada, at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC). The facility stands on 67,125 acres of land, which the company acquired in January. Little is known about what the company intends to use the land for, leaving a spot for speculations to arise.

A Land Near Tesla, Google, and Switch

Speaking to Reno Gazette Journal at the time when the deal was closed, Lance Gilman, principal and director of the Industrial Park, vaguely said:

“I believe they’re going to showcase to the world everything that the blockchain technology is capable of.”

The company’s Director of public relations told the Nevada Independent that the building took about four months to complete and that as much as 15 local subcontractors contributed to the remodeling of an existing building effort.

In fact, the TRIC, which is a vast 107 acres industrial park, is house to many prominent technology firms. Back in 2014, Tesla started building “Tesla Gigafactory 1” on its 3,000 acres chunk of land at TRIC. The huge manufacturing complex is regarded as the largest, energy self-resilient factory in the world for Li-ion car batteries, powerwalls, and power-pack mass production.

Furthermore, Switch opened “TAHOE RENO 1” in February 2017, which is its first data center in the industrial park. The 1.2 million square foot facility is, reportedly, the largest data center in the world and the first of eight similar buildings the company plans to build at TRIC.

Back in April 2017, Google also bought 1,210 acres of land at the TRIC with no immediate plans of development.

What’s Blockchains LLC?

Blockchains LLC has been somewhat under the radar since its official establishment in 2017. It owns ETHnews, an online news outlet that covers Ethereum and blockchain technology news.

Jeffrey and David Berns, two brothers and both Whittier Law School graduates, founded and are leading the company. According to their official LinkedIn portal, Blockchains LLC describes itself as a company that conceptualizes and incubates blockchain innovations and businesses.

Their website reads:

“The company’s current projects focus on financial services, trusted identity solutions, and software development of distributed applications (Dapps) on the Ethereum Blockchain.”

Speaking to ETHnews, Blockchains LLC President David Berns explained that the primary focus of the company is to ensure that the revolutionary Distributed Ledger Technology is used in a way “in which the rights of consumers are properly safeguarded.” He declined to give specifics on what kind of projects the company is currently working on.

Berns vaguely added that his company will unveil how blockchain can improve businesses and industries while respecting consumer’s rights.

Rumors aroused about the intent behind the massive land purchase from building a large solar array, to launching a huge crypto mining facility. Jeffery Berns rejected the mining option through a Twitter post.

The company’s website claims that they will hire over 1,000 employees by 2021 and lists 15 job openings mostly for blockchain, frontend, backend, full-stack, Android and IOS developers and, even, for a Chief Operating Officer and a Janitorial Service and Maintenance.

On June 29, Blockchains LLC officially hired MyEtherWallet founder Kosala Hemachandra as a Chief Blockchains Officer. Hemachandra declined to comment on his assigned projects for his new job, declaring it “top secret.”

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