The IOTA Research Council was announced recently by the IOTA Foundation. It will work as an overseeing body that will monitor and provide guidance to the IOTA research team and also help to bring academics and researchers together. Now, the Foundation has announced that the renowned professor Bill Buchanan will be joining the research council.

Who Is Bill Buchanan?

Buchanan is an Office of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services in the world of cybersecurity. He currently works as a professor at School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University. He is a fellow of the BCS and a Principal Fellow of the HEA as well. The Edinburgh based academic is a strong believer in freedom, justice, and fairness.

IOTA highlighted the social media tagline of Buchanan in their announcement which reads:

“A Serial Innovator. An Old World Breaker. A New World Creator.”

He also supports education and innovation. Apart from his many accolades, Buchanan is also involved in cryptography, especially in the field of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP). He is also interested in homomorphic encryption, blockchain methods, quantum-robust cryptography, and lightweight cryptography. Bill is working on new books related to cybersecurity, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.

New Role in IOTA Research Council

As part of the IOTA Research Council, Bill will oversee the research work done at the blockchain project. IOTA has one of the largest research teams in the blockchain industry. Through Bill’s entry into the council, it will be enriched with a wealth of ideas and helped in ensuring high academic standards for the work that they are doing.

Bill now joins Serguei Popov, Dr. Moody Alam, and Professor Gur Huberman, the first three members of the council who were announced recently. On joining the IOTA team, he said that he believes that the digital world needs to be revamped into a more trusted ecosystem, keeping the rights of the citizen at the center. He also noted that the new world would respect ownership, consent, and privacy and bring trust to every transaction.

He added:

“Being involved in a research council leadership role in IOTA will provide me with the opportunity to inform the future, making decisions which will help build a solid foundation for our next generation.”

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