Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched Binance Info 2.0. The platform will provide comprehensive third-party rating reports to users. The exchange has rapidly evolved and introduced several new products and divisions. As one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by daily trading volume, it currently operates a blockchain education portal and a charity arm and has an information platform.

What Will Binance Info Provide Users?

The exchange explained about the new launch:

“Binance Info is designed to enable users to quickly learn about each project and the network and services it provides.”

Its team has analyzed 1,400+ coins and tokens. Info 2.0 has launched in beta and will provide the most comprehensive compilation of third-party ratings on blockchain projects. Binance Info is utilizing rating data from over 50 rating agencies and publications, including, and has a repertoire of over 1,000 reports so far.

All the reports are free to download for users. Binance suggests that the goal of this platform is to help users learn more about projects available in their ecosystem. White papers, the utility of a token, founding team would be some examples of the information topics available on the platform. Users can access all reports at

How to Use Binance Info?

When users visit the Binance Info home page, they will see reports for the top four active coins listed on top. Each report will contain some details about the coin, source of their reports and a unified five-star rating, going from excellent to poor. A rating of 3 shows an average performance. Clicking on any rating report will redirect the user to the full details.

The rating section provides free downloads of the reports in both English and Chinese. Binance suggests that it is working on adding more interactive features to the platform and will add video rating content soon.

Binance further explains:

“Clicking on a coin will take you to its Info page. In addition to basic information on each project’s white papers, token supply, and real-time candlestick charts, a new list of rating reports has been added.”

The exchange went on to highlight that information creates value for the cryptocurrency industry, and Binance intends to serve users better using a good ecological model. It also urged industry stakeholders to participate in these reports.

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