Binance, one of the biggest and most popular exchange platforms in the market, announced the beta version of a new project called Binance Academy, an open-access educational hub for the cryptocurrency community.

Binance Exchange Launches Binance Academy Beta Version

Binance announced the beta release of the newly established Binance Academy. It is Binance’s new learning center that offers crypto and blockchain educational resources, which is open for access to all interested.

Binance Academy covers topics on Binance, Bitcoin, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, security, as well as trading. There are already active resources available on the officially released beta version. Check it here.

To share this idea of educating the community through the learning hub, the founder and CEO of Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, released a post on Twitter promoting the Binance-hosted educational center.

As the crypto community already has open access to educational videos discussing private key security, wallets, 51% attack, mining, coin burn and similar content for basic education on blockchain technology, the crypto community is invited to provide feedback on the newly launched beta version.

A Sneak Peek Into Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

As a part of announcing the beta release of Binance Academy, an initial coin offering (ICO) and blockchain marketer and advisor placed focus on Binance Decentralized Exchange in a post on Medium.

In a video released as a sneak preview of a new project, Binance Chain/DEX, the founder and CEO of Binance presented an early stage of the project’s development, stating that although the project is still in the process of being developed, the Binance team has managed to create, mint and issue an example token through the DEX demo.

The team was also able to list the example token through the decentralized exchange in a couple of simple moves.

However, Binance is aiming to improve the project by simplifying the process, stating that the problem lies in the lack of educational materials where many people don’t have the needed expertise in blockchain technology.

Binance Academy is set to change this.

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