Trust Wallet announced today that it is adding Bitcoin (BTC) support to its Android application.

As well as this, they have added support for Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for all users.

The development team also announced that they would be supporting many more coins in the future.

Bitcoin and Litecoin Will Come With Segwit

Trust wallet noted in their post:

“The long wait for our Android users is finally over. Starting today, Bitcoin BTC joins our family of supported coins on both iOS and Android.”

Apart from this, Trust Wallet users will now be able to get both Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into their accounts.

To get this functionality, they will have to update their Trust Wallet apps to the latest version and then enable the new coins by clicking on the plus sign in the top right corner.

They can then click on the name of tokens and add them to their wallet.

The Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet are SegWit compatible, and they can send/receive to/from any bc1 (Bitcoin) and ltc1 (Litecoin) bech32 address.

Trust Wallet also stated:

“By making native SegWit mandatory for all users, we are fully embracing the latest standards when it comes to Bitcoin/Litecoin transactions.”

More Than Just Ethereum and ERC20

Trust Wallet is now expanding and becoming more than an Ethereum and ERC20 wallet by adding support for other cryptocurrencies.

The wallet now supports over ten native blockchains and their tokens.

Ethereum has more than 160k+ native tokens which are all supported on the Trust Wallet.

The wallet also supports Ethereum Classic, POA and Ethereum decentralized applications.

The team wants the application to become the one-stop solution for decentralized apps, and it wants to add more coins and features in the future.

The team also said that it would be bringing many competitions and design tweaks for the community in the days to come.

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