Messaging and communication apps are nothing new. From presidential favorite Twitter to teen favorites like SnapChat, communication online and sharing our thoughts with others is something that has been around for quite some time.

So when a new messaging app comes along, the public is likely to respond with a collective groan. But sometimes a new concept arrives, one that is compelling enough to break through the noise and get the attention of even the most jaded users.

Birdchain could prove to be just such an app, mostly because it strives to be more than just another way to message. As the executive team at the company puts it:

“Birdchain is both a decentralized app (dapp) and a service. As a dapp, Birdchain will look like a regular instant messaging app, but it will allow its user to earn cryptocurrency passively and actively.”

By combining the power and excitement of cryptocurrency with the fun of messaging and chatting online, Birdchain hopes to shake up the market and succeed in an increasingly crowded space.

Unlike many of its competitors, Birdchain is more than vaporware. When we talked to the team at Birdchain, they were quick to point out that the app is already ready for download. As they said:

“You already can download our dapp MVP and check out how easy it will be to earn tokens. As a service, Birdchain is targeting several niches, but big markets: A2P SMS, data selling, market research, and mobile games. In very simple terms, we will shift revenue of those markets from businesses to people. As today Facebook and Google uses your data to increase their profits, Birdchain will reward app users for everything they do and share on our app. Blockchain is brilliant for this.”

By targeting a number of applications, the team at Birdchain is hoping to capture significant market share even in its earliest stages. In a field where success can be fleeting and hard to sustain, this combination approach could prove to be very effective. But instead of trying to be everything to every user, Birdchain aims to provide real value to a wide variety of people, from avid chatters to cryptocurrency fans to everyone in between. While only time will tell how successful the Birdchain platform will be, the team points out that the company itself already has a long history:

“In a way, we have been working on Birdchain for 10 years. Our parent company Vertex is in A2P SMS business as VertexSMS for almost 10 years. During that period we gained massive amount of expertise of the market and will apply this expertize in Birdchain development. Actually, the idea of Birdchain evolved from our A2P SMS business. We were looking for solutions how we could avoid/lower corruption of the market and when we thought of blockchain, everything just popped into places. It was around June of 2017. Since then we were preparing for ICO, looking for partners, researching technology. We started our ICO few days ago and already flew over our soft cap.”

This deep understanding of the blockchain concept and the technology behind it should put the folks at Birdchain head and shoulders above many of their latecomer competitors. We have already seen how the wild success of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies has brought startups out of the woodwork, and we have expressed dismay that many of those so-called companies are little more than concepts. So far, Birdchain appears to be much different, a real company with a long track record, one that parallels and in many ways precedes the cryptocurrency mania we have seen in recent years.

Partnerships are increasingly important in the app space, and the right strategic partnerships can be critical to success. The app space has low barriers to entry – literally, anyone with a smartphone and some skill can create and publish an app. That ease of admission does not guarantee success, of course – just the opposite in many cases.

When we asked the team at Birdchain about the low barriers to entry and the need for strategic partnership, they agreed about the challenges. They also pointed out that they have already partnered with some of the most important firms in the industry.:

“We have quite a few partnership already as our business model is based on solving problems of real-world companies. Companies like CarVertical, Iungo Network, Purple Minds Media, and VerifyUnion have already pre-bought our services in advance. SMS aggregator OK Route also joined our partner list and… basically, they have an unlimited amount of SMS to send and will deliver them through Birdchain and will reward our dapp users. And of course, there is ORCA Alliance – they will help our non-crypto/non-blockchain clients to purchase Birdchain services. Because Birdchain services will be accessible only with BIRD tokens. Basically, we will have real demand for our tokens since we start providing our services.”

The team pointed out the lack of competition in the unique niche they have carved out for themselves and their company. The marketplace may be crowded, but the unique space Birdchain inhabits is largely empty. As the team at Birdchain put it:

“We don’t have any competitors at the moment. Nobody has ever done anything like us, so will exploit the first mover’s advantage for our and our contributors’ benefit.”

This first mover advantage could prove pivotal for Birdchain, but for now, users can download the app and see for themselves. At the very least, Birdchain gives users a chance to earn money for something they already do every day, with the help of blockchain technology.

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