The team behind Bitcoin Core (BTCC) announced that the latest update, its one-minute block hard fork (HF), was a success.

Bitcoin Core Marks Hard Fork a Success

In an official post on Twitter, published August 16, the BTCC team stated that after the successful hard fork, BTCC has now more on-chain blockspace per 10 minutes compared to BCH. The tweet read:

“update: 1min blocks HF was a success! We now officially have more on-chain blockspace per 10min then $bch #BitcoinCore $BTCC.”

Bitcoin Core is an implementation of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Its latest update was officially released as Bitcoin Core version 0.16.2, which came out on July 29, with available bug fixes and newly updated translations.

The latest version also fixes several other issues such as the previously reported “expensive attack against SPV proofs” as well as another issue with the ‘abandontransaction’ RPC where it now abandons “all descendant transactions, not just children.”

Recommended Reading

BTCC is not listed on the most popular coin list website, CoinMarketCap, where crypto traders and investors usually go for information on cryptocurrency prices, ranking and other details.  It can, however, be found on Coin Market Watch where it is ranked as the 164th cryptocurrency by market cap. It is also available on seven more coin lists, including CoinGecko.

Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin Cash

As part of the promotion of this latest hard fork, the Bitcoin Core team published a comparison, highlighting differences between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core, presenting BTCC as superior to BCH.

Aside from claiming Bitcoin Core to have more blockspace than BCH, BTCC is said to be over almost 50% cheaper than the fourth top cryptocurrency.

Further, in the post, Bitcoin Core announced that it is working on CT privacy transactions and preparing for one-minute blocks for future updates.

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