Roger Ver coined the term Bitcoin Core to describe the original Bitcoin Token. He had to provide Bitcoin a different name because he refers to Bitcoin Cash as the Bitcoin token. However, recently, an anonymous group of developers has created a new cryptocurrency token in the name of Bitcoin Core.

The Bitcoin Core website stated:

“Bitcoin Core is a return to the Core values of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is open source, peer-to-peer electronic cash. The true vision of Bitcoin Core is to compliment Bitcoin, and run along side it, by acting as an express lane for core values, speed, and privacy.”

While there have been many Bitcoin hard forks over the past few years such as Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, and Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Cash has sparked extreme debate in the cryptocurrency community. The Bitcoin Versus Bitcoin Cash situation escalated quickly when the latter’s promoters, like Ver, used unethical schemes to manipulate the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash brand.

A group of developers hard-forked the Bitcoin network in mid-2017 that lead to the creation of the Bitcoin Cash, which officially launched in August 2017. Ver promoted Bitcoin Cash as the original Bitcoin and Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core. The Bitcoin Cash followers quickly copied, causing a great deal of confusion in the cryptocurrency community.

Ver even mentioned during an interview that he believes “Bitcoin Cash has a more legitimate claim to being the Bitcoin that was outlined in the website…It is Bitcoin.

In response to the situation, a new coin called Bitcoin Core emerged on May 28, 2018, via a tweet that stated: “Hello World 🙂 $BTCC #BitcoinCore.” The post gained a lot of reactions especially from the members of the cryptocurrency community.

Bitcoin Core Exposes Ver’s Double Standards

It appears that Bitcoin Core’s motive is to oust Ver’s deceptive advertising techniques. By creating a Bitcoin Core token, Ver can no longer rebrand the original Bitcoin into Bitcoin Core.

The Bitcoin Core team is leveraging off Ver’s statements regarding Bitcoin Core. While he was referring to the original Bitcoin token, the Bitcoin Core team used Ver’s words as if he was referring to their newly-created cryptocurrency.

A tweet said:

“Bitcoin Core $BTCC has the 2nd best free PR after bitcoin! #bullish.”

Another tweet read:

“Media loves us! Thank you! $BTCC #BitcoinCore now trading.”

While it seems as if the Bitcoin Core team is trolling Ver’s tactics, they have, however, taken their Bitcoin hard fork quite seriously. In fact, they have published their developer code on Github and released official wallets. Also, the new token is, currently, listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

Flying Altcoin with Bitcoin at the center. Source: Shutterstock.
Bitcoin poster. Source: Shutterstock.

With Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash supporters can no longer misname Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core since the token has now become a real cryptocurrency. On May 29, Bitcoin Core posted a tweet that stated:

“Bitcoin ($BTC) will always be king! Bitcoin Core ($BTCC) is to compliment Bitcoin. And run along side it, but acting as an express lane for core values, speed, and privacy. We are the cool cousin thats a good wingman. Unlike the other one hating, and trying to steal ur girl.”

Bitcoin Core Reaches $100,000 Trading Volume

Bitcoin Core came into existence to prevent Ver and Bitcoin Cash supporters from misnaming the original Bitcoin currency. However, it appears as though Bitcoin Core has quickly gained momentum as a new coin in the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin Core stated in a tweet:

We just broke $100,000 trading volume $BTCC Here we come! @CoinMarketCap @Coinmarketwatch @mcapinfo.

It also gained the support of some cryptocurrency fans. Twitter user ZackOfCrypto even commented that he “just found out about Bitcoin core. Yessss!!! This is amazing ultimate troll to bcash and Roger. You guys have my support, going to buy some now.

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