, a website that tracks forks of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash launched with sponsorship from BitMEX Research. The website is connected to several nodes on both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash implementations, providing a wide array of information about the forks in the blockchains. It could be useful in monitoring for soft and hard forks of a blockchain and detecting unintentional consensus bugs in the system as well.

Bitmex’s New Launch Will Be Helpful During Tough Times

According to BitMEX, the website, developed by Sjors Provoost:

“Can be useful for monitoring the situation during network upgrades (softforks or hard forks), as well as being potentially useful in helping to detect unintentional consensus bugs.”

Its primary focus will be on Bitcoin Cash. Of a total of 13 nodes that it is connected to, 8 run on the Bitcoin Cash network and 5 are dedicated to the Bitcoin Core network. The reason behind the extensive focus on Bitcoin Cash is the upcoming fork of BCH, scheduled for November 15. The website will continually follow the situation during the upgrade.

Post the fork; it is expected to shift its attention to Bitcoin. It intends to run more versions of the Bitcoin Core network, especially the older ones and the ones with independent implementations like Libbitcoin, BTCD, and Bcoin. It is also useful in finding inflation bugs like CVE-2018-17144, discovered in September 2018. Interestingly, will be open-source, allowing others to create their own models of multiple nodes and help in monitoring the chains.

The Upcoming BCH Hard Fork

On November 15th, Bitcoin Cash is expected to enter a hardfork which could create the potential for three chains- the original rules chain, the first hard fork implementation by Bitcoin ABC and the second fork implemented by Bitcoin SV.

At the moment, BitMEX suggests that the majority of the community will support the Bitcoin ABC hard fork, but there is still significant uncertainty over the behavior of different clients in the network. ForkMonitor will be helpful in providing a clear picture of the community’s behavior.

The fork will be initiated at 4:40 pm on November 15. The price of Bitcoin Cash is surging in anticipation of the fork.

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