BLOCK 30 Labs announced on Friday that they are introducing a new index for the digital trading markets. The new index, called the BLOCK 30 index, is one of the pioneering US indices that helps investors to track multiple factors in the market beyond Bitcoin. These factors include sector weighting, index committee, trading volume, asset price, market cap, and market sentiment.

New Index to Be Launched With Other Tools

The BLOCK 30 index will be issued with other thematic sector indexes including BLOCK 5, BLOCK 100, BLOCK 500, BLOCK 2000, BLOCK Finance, BLOCK Energy, BLOCK Transports, BLOCK Logistics, and BLOCK ASIA, along with a comprehensive TV media ticker.

Brian McLaren Foote, the founder of BLOCK 30 Labs, commented on the launch of the index, saying:

“We studied the historical indexes of the past – many of which are still in use today – took that learning and applied some new innovations for the digital trading markets. Digital trading is less than 10 years old, and the early parallels to the Dow and the S+P 500 are eye-opening.”

Why Is the Index Necessary?

According to Ryan Ballantyne, Sr. Vice President of Reality Shares ETFs, hundreds of blockchain projects will go public in 2019 via their Security Token Offerings (STOs). In an environment like this, the investors will need a sophisticated index that tracks the most important global markets and provides thematic sector coverage. The index will also be crucial in investor protection, providing them with a more comprehensive view of the market.

He also said that the original 12 stocks on Dow concentrated mostly on cotton and railroads, two sectors that do not feature in the Dow 30. He noted that there is a need for an index that can reflexively track the growth of a new trading market, saying that the BLOCK 30 Index solves that problem for the next 1 or 2 decades, as the market would need coverage beyond Bitcoin.

Jared Tate, Digibyte Founder, also commented on the index, saying:

“There has been so much confusion on how to accurately measure the broader performance of this new asset class. BLOCK 30 is a major step forward towards getting an accurate gauge on the overall health of the market.”

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