Cryptocurrency collectible game Blockchain Cuties has braced itself for a major strategic shift. The startup behind the increasingly popular title announced Nov 28, 2018, that it had struck a deal with the Tron Foundation, which in all likelihood is just a polite way to say that Blockchain Cuties is dumping the Ethereum blockchain to get cozy with the Tron Protocol.

Of course, it’s a BIG step for the game and fans too should brace themselves for some serious impending changes in the gameplay.

Charmed by Tron’s Growing Network

Blockchain Cuties broke the news about the new partnership with Tron — one that the company calls its “most coveted cooperations this year” — via a Medium post on Wed.

Praising Tron as “one of the greatest innovators in the blockchain universe,” the company said that the new partnership would give Blockchain Kitties a shot at capturing a much bigger market. As for the decision to join forces with Tron, the company stated that Tron helped it address the major scalability and speed issues that were preventing the game from reaching its full potential.

Tron’s rapidly expanding network was also attributed one of the key reasons that drew Blockchain Cuties into this partnership.

Commenting on the new partnership, Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties, stated:

“We see TRON not only as an opportunity to bring new users but as a future of all decentralized applications and especially games.”

Tron is becoming increasingly popular among decentralized apps (dApps) developers. Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation recently tweeted that more than 20 dApps built on Tron was released since late Oct/early Nov. He added on an optimistic note that more than 80 new dApps are likely to be released by the end of the year, marking a 400% month-on-month growth.

New Content, Superior Performance, and Awesome Giveaways

Now that the Tron Protocol is helping address many of the scalability issues previously bugging Blockchain Cuties, the game’s developers are aiming at expanding its scope and quality.

To quote from the company’s original announcement:

“So are Blockchain Cuties getting greater, bigger, faster and stronger? Yes! We have a lot of system improvement coming soon.”

Among key changes, the company promised, there will be new content and enhanced performance. Additionally, Blockchain Cuties fans will also have a shot at winning what the company describes as “two awesome giveaways,” albeit without divulging any further information on these promises.

For the uninitiated, Blockchain Cuties is based on a business model much similar to that of Neopets. Users can themselves create and own “cuties,” which are basically small and adorable virtual animals that double as crypto-coins, each with a seemingly static value.

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