Avoiding ads in today’s world is difficult. But as the number of ads shown to us daily increases, so does the amount of ad fraud. The digital marketing industry is in dire need of a fraud protection mechanism that can help save consumers, as well as legitimate advertisers, from issues. Finding an opportunity in the industry, Australian blockchain company BlockClick has introduced a new prototype for an ad-fraud protection platform that ensures start-to-finish transactional transparency.

Better Transparency and Fraud Protection

The BlockClick platform provides transparency to advertisers, as well as media buyers, who pay dearly because of fraudulent traffic. The prototype uses the Ethereum network. Smart contracts are integrated into the platform to allow all parties involved to validate marketing campaigns. The stakeholders include digital marketing network providers, advertisers, publishers and more. All parameters of the campaign are agreed upon by the buyers and sellers in advance. The prototype is also compatible with multiple decentralized applications.

Using ERC20 Tokens for Transactions


When using the platform, users can obtain ERC20 tokens, which can be kept in their wallet. The wallet will be provided as soon as the profile is created on the platform, and tokens can be purchased on the platform’s in-built exchange. The token currently accepted on the platform is BlockClick’s MEDIA, but Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum will be added in the future.

The smart contracts are time-bound, and they will execute when the end date or the selected conversion rate is reached. Buyers can work with existing sellers or invite new people to the platform. They will also be able to “create and modify contracts,” “automatically email buyers and sellers when a contract is modified,” “pay and view available BLOK token and Escrow tokens” and “record and track conversions.

The contracts are highly customizable, and the buyer can choose whether it can be modified by the seller or not. Every seller is provided with a unique tracking link for his advertising, which will redirect to the client’s offer URL. BlockClick further ensures that the contracts are legitimate.

It removes all fraud clicks/sales, and all sellers are visible in the public space, providing more transparency than legacy advertising and marketing networks. Buyers are free to choose the sellers they want to work with after looking at their profiles. This ensures that only genuine sales are made, and fraud is eliminated from the markets.



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