BG.Top is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange, but BlockGames and Huobi Cloud have different plans for the platform. As the gaming space develops further, BG.Top could become a hub for developers, investors and gamers alike. A new partnership between Huobi Cloud, a part of the Huobi Group, and blockchain gaming company BlockGames could help in unlocking the full potential of the platform, creating borderless environments for gaming industry stakeholders from around the globe.

How Will the Platform Develop Further?

The new joint venture aims to create a sustainable, decentralized and boundaryless environment where gamers, game developers and investors could use the power of blockchain technology to “buy, sell, fund, develop and launch video games,” states a press release by Huobi. Huobi Cloud is following an aggressive expansion plan, and the BlockGames partnership is its entryway into the world of blockchain-based gaming.

Through a series of partnerships, the company intends to promote its innovative cloud-based solutions, which work on the principles of “simplicity and straightforwardness.” The company aims to ensure that organizations are seeking entry into the crypto exchange space to use its cloud solutions. The development of the current platform in just a matter of months from start to end highlights the ease of use of the platform.

For BlockGames, the partnership could help it go one step closer to a more convenient blockchain solution for promoting its offerings.

Is This Huobi’s Backup Plan?

Huobi and OKCoin are the two largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China. The two, however, have struggled to survive in 2018 as the Chinese government is constantly cracking down on crypto entities. On Saturday, Sept. 15, both the exchanges said that they would stop all trading services for local customers. Only a day before, they claimed that they would stop only yuan-based trading by October end. Executives from both exchanges have been barred from leaving Beijing in the midst of an ongoing investigation.

In the wake of these circumstances, OKCoin has shifted its focus to the US. The exchange recently received approval to expand its services in 20 new US states where it will provide crypto-to-crypto trading services to the users. The new states in OKCoin’s service include New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and Massachusetts, among others. As of now, users in California can avail of fiat-to-crypto trading services as well.

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