Blockstream, a leading developer of blockchain and financial cryptography solutions, announced Monday that the build 0.6 of c-lightning, a lightning network implementation in the C programming language, is now ready for deployment.

The new release marks an important milestone for Blockstream’s scalability solution for Bitcoin, especially considering that the new architecture in version 0.6 is designed to serve the client better while meeting very specific needs and infrastructure.

Stable API and Support for Low-Powered Devices

One of the most important new features brought along by the version 0.6 of c-lightning is the ability to run c-lightning nodes on Raspberry Pi and other such low-powered devices. This is a significant improvement over previous builds, wherein it was mandatory to have a full Bitcoin node running along with c-lightning to facilitate access to the Bitcoin network.

Apart from that, Blockstream has also revamped the design of the JSON-RPC interface to ensure that no major changes are required in future c-lightning releases. Additionally, Blockstream has also categorically confirmed that there would be backward compatibility through the foreseeable future.  This stability in the API clears the way for the implementation of other projects on top of c-lightning.

Other Key Features

  • More efficient gossip protocol: the c-lightning team has also upgraded the gossip protocol, making it lighter in terms of bandwidth required. Now, it requests only specific information as compared to the previous versions, which asked for full network views. Simply put, a lighter gossip protocol prevents the wastage of energy and bandwidth resulting from the download and verification of the same data again and again.
  • Tor compatibility: with c-lightning 0.6, it is now possible to connect to nodes over the Tor network. Other key perks include the ability to register as a hidden service while simultaneously gaining access to incoming connections on the network.
  • Wallet and sync: the new release adds a full-fledged wallet service with the ability to manage on-chain, as well as off-chain, funds. The new wallet doesn’t require any manual handling, making raw transactions a thing of the past. All funds are automatically tracked and deposited in the wallet as soon as the network allows.

And last but not the least, the payment logic has also undergone significant improvements. It now allows automatic retries in the event of a routing failure, in addition to supporting the complete randomization of the route selection process.

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