As the ‘NRF 2019 Retail’s Big Show’ event unfolds in New York City between January 13 and 15, BLOCKv is gearing up to showcase Project NGAGE.

The company will be partnering with leading retail giants as well as with Intel and CataBoom to launch the project on the NRF stage.

The project is designed to show how blockchain-based gamified digital objects bring more engaging experiences to the customer and could “usher in a new era in retail marketing.”

Moving to the Next Level of Retail Marketing

To commemorate its launch, Project NGAGE will release virtual butterflies at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

It will also release branded digital objects, creating a virtual treasure hunt at the center.

Attendees will be able to catch butterflies using their mobile devices as well as grab objects in augmented reality or on a map.

These butterflies can be swapped for hidden prizes like storage devices, drones, voice command devices and gift cards at the BLOCKv booth.

The experience utilizes BLOCKv’s technology that allows developers to create digital objects on blockchain called Vatoms which can be viewed on mobile devices.

Project NGAGE co-founder Eric Pulier said that the retail customers of today are digitally connected and want a seamless shopping experience.

He added:

Conventional forms of engagement such as coupons, circulars and digital banners are static tactics that lack the ability to connect meaningfully and securely with audiences. With digital objects, in this case, butterflies, retailers can reach valued consumers immediately and stay engaged to build a long-term relationship.

How Vatoms Work?

Each digital butterfly that Project NGAGE will release is unique and called a Vatom.

Vatoms are programmable, and interactive digital objects which makes them different from static digital objects. They can move instantly and seamlessly between users on their smart devices.

It creates a new asset class of digital objects that could be useful for creating marketing programs- complete with rewards and incentives, all of which will be managed on the blockchain.

BLOCKv’s technology will be on display along with its enterprise partner Varius Solutions at Level 1, booth #843.

The NGAGE experience at NRF will also be joined by major companies like AT&T, Cisco, HP, GE, Dell and VMware among others with branded objects at their booths.

Each Vatom they drop at the event will be redeemable for a prize. Users can also scan a beverage logo and receive a branded object in their digital wallets.

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