Boeing, the largest aerospace company in the world, appear to be scaling out their blockchain team after adding seven new vacancies to their jobs site. These new vacancies were added on April 30 and May 1.

Boeing’s Blockchain Job Vacancies

They are advertising positions for a Senior Blockchain Integration Solution Architect, a Blockchain IT Manager, two Blockchain Architects, a Senior Software Developer, a Software Developer and a Product Specialist.

boeing blockchain jobs
Boeing’s recent blockchain job vacancies. Source:

Boeing’s Blockchain Patent

This wouldn’t be the first time that Boeing has shown interest in blockchain tech. In a patent application, released in December by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Boeing specified an “an on-board backup and anti-spoofing GPS (“OBASG”) system for navigating a vehicle through an environment with a GPS receiver.” The application was initially filed in June 2016, which goes to show that they’ve been paying attention to blockchain for quite some time.

HyperLedger Preference

The new job vacancies at Boeing are all based in Bangalore, India, bar one: the Solution Architect position, which is based in Washington, USA.

The Blockchain Architect positions are listed as follows:

“Boeing’s Integration Solutions Group is building up a capability for block chain technology & looking for highly motivated individual as part of this team. The Blockchain Architect will work towards creating blockchain capability & will be involved with Digital Transformation Environment (DTE) to develop applications via Block chain using Pivotal methodology. This position will place you at the heart of a fast-paced, growing organization where you will have the opportunity to shape the team as it is being created and serve as a key member of the team.

We are looking for a passionate Blockchain Architect to create and continuously improve strategic and tactical plans for blockchain technology. You will help to define the best practices and improve processes that will be used in daily operations. You will work with customers and interact with other developers, to deliver products that meet business requirements. You will work on emerging technologies, build POC’s leveraging internal infrastructure and data, and partner with product vendors on implementation strategy.”

The job descriptions of the Blockchain Architect, Senior Software Developer, and the Software Developer positions all emphasize that candidates should have a “Deep understanding of block chain platforms,” and at least three years of hands-on experience, preferably with HyperLedger:

“Deep understanding of block chain platforms, specifically Hyper Ledger, Ethereum, Ripple with 3+ years of hands on of experience with at least one of them. (Preferably HyperLedger).”

This emphasis on HyperLedger is interesting, and it certainly increases the likelihood that Boeing is planning to build on their platform.

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