Cardano Had Their First Ever Meet up in Seattle

Cardano the “decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project” had an inaugural meeting to share more information about its current state and future. This meeting offered attendees a chance to be introduced to the Cardano team in a welcoming atmosphere!

Cardano, the growing community in Seattle, had its first ever meet up for Eastside and Seattle Cardano fans. The meeting took place on Thursday, May 31, at Microsoft City Centre Plaza in Bellevue.

What Topics Did It Cover?

It included different topics, such as the Cardano Foundation, IOHK research projects including smart contracts, sidechains, Ouroboros, staking, and the way Cardano implements them. The meetup was supposed to be fun including general discussions, and a great opportunity to meet other Cardano fans!

Will There Be Any Future Meetings?

Cardano is likely planning to have future meetups; however, no dates have been provided yet. Some are expected to be focused on development, such as smart contract discussions, while others could be covering general topics including progress and the Daedalus wallet.

This inaugural meeting was also live streamed and recorded, however, Sebastien, the co-organizer of this event highly recommended showing up in person and quipped:“PLEASE SHOW UP BEFORE 7:30 OR YOU MAY BE LOCKED OUT (message me if you’re late and I will try and find you)” 

Cardano is a platform with advanced features and a large team of experts, engineers, and researchers from different corners of the world. According to IOHK official website:

“Completely open source and patent-free, Cardano was built in a spirit of collaboration. And engineered for efficiency and scalability, the Cardano ecosystem is developing out into the most complete and most useful cryptocurrency ever constructed”.

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