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Caspian, the full-stack crypto platform, and Gemini, the digital asset exchange, partnered to bring together multiple exchanges and active traders to a single platform.

Robert Dykes, Caspian’s CEO, said:

“Our aim at Caspian is to drive exponential growth in crypto-trading participation amongst institutional and sophisticated investors.”

Dykes sees this partnership as a way to increase Caspian’s audience and ease the lives of many traders:

“Our new partnership with Gemini will help us to not only increase our user base but also provide sophisticated connectivity and interoperability across various cryptocurrency exchanges.”

Caspian Itself is a Joint Venture Between Tora and Kenetic

Caspian was born out of a necessity to provide a secure and reliable platform for crypto traders to operate on a professional level. Caspian’s CEO stressed the importance of providing a single platform to minimize risk and facilitate overall trading.

Tora is a cloud-based company, providing front-to-back-office solutions. It provides all the necessary tools to one would need to run a fund. Their solutions rest on six pieces: OMS (Order Management System), EMS (Execution Management System), PMS (Portfolio Management System), Risk, Compliance, and Analytics.

Kenetic has focused on furthering the development and overall adoption of blockchain technologies. It provides investment products, advisory services, a support community, and technology solutions.

Caspian Plans on Adding 40 Exchanges to Its Platform

Thanks to its high-level platform, Caspian provides professional order, compliance, execution and risk management features. Besides this, the platform also ensures it meets its investors’ regulatory and operational necessities.

As of now, it has successfully connected to 10 of the biggest exchanges in the world, including Binance, Poloniex and Bitfinex. This is only the beginning for the full-stack platform, though.

Robert Dykes has mentioned that Caspian intends on integrating a total of 40 different exchanges by the end of June 2018 – roughly a little longer than a month left. This new partnership with Gemini could be a sign things are going well.

Global Head of Trading at Kenetic Fully Supports Caspian’s Vision

Ben Roth, Global Head of Trading at Kenetic, seems to share Dykes’ vision:

“The fragmented landscape that exists at present means you have the same assets trading on a whole variety of different exchanges, which makes price discovery inefficient.”

Both Dykes and Roth seem confident Caspian will be able to reach its goal of 40 exchanges by the end of next month. Roth went on saying:

“Our partnership with Gemini — which is part of our ongoing strategy to add 40 exchanges by the end of June — allows institutional and sophisticated investors to trade more effectively and efficiently,”

Gemini is a Fully Licensed and Regulated Exchange in New York

The platform has provided digital asset exchange solutions since 2014. It is now regulated by the New York State Department Financial Services (NYSDFS). As such, the exchange fully adheres to industry standards, such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) practices, to name a few. Back in December 2017, Gemini partnered with Cboe Exchange, Inc., to launch the first Bitcoin Futures in history.

Both Gemini and Caspian have shown time and time again how they’re ready to push the limits on crypto trading experiences. Only time will tell if Caspian will be successful in its ambitious plan. Traders would surely appreciate it.

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