Popular cat-themed blockchain game CryptoKitties creates “the world’s first sea-loving CryptoKitty” as both an ambassador for ocean protection as well as a unique addition to someone’s collection. CryptoKitties teamed up with ocean and wildlife protection activists Ocean Elders, along with global activist group ACTAI, in creating the unique CryptoKitty known as Honu.

This one-of-a-kind CryptoKitty is a mix between a cat and a turtle. Honu’s uncanny design might be hard to digest, but its purpose goes far beyond its looks as it will soon be auctioned off to support a good cause.

Kitty Savior Of The Sea


Forbes reported that the unique CryptoKitty would be auctioned off at the Blockchain Summit in Morocco starting July 9 all the way to July 15. Interested buyers could use either fiat money or ETH for the auction, and the winning bid is also tax deductible. Furthermore, proceeds made from Honu’s sale are all going to be used for a good cause which is to help protect our oceans and wildlife.

CryptoKitties charitable initiative head Cassidy Robertson expressed her sentiments on the sea-loving kitty and their future charitable endeavors.

She said:

“Honu is the very first in a lineage of CryptoKitty icons representing the charities and causes they embody.”

Robertson added:

“We are so excited to see Honu in the wild—one part activist, telling stories of our endangered friends, and another part pop culture icon, stealing the spotlight to combine both worlds for greater good.”

More Than a Game

While the notion of breeding virtual cats and selling them for cryptocurrency might sound silly at first, the numbers certainly don’t lie when it comes to how much some are willing to pay for a CryptoKitty. A rare “Celestial Cyber Dimension Kitty” was sold back in May for a whopping $140,000. NYTimes reported that the unique CryptoKitty variant was bought by Igor Barinov.

Barinov explained that his love for the game, the nature of auctions and knowing that his money is going to a good cause, drove him to pay such a hefty amount on a virtual kitty. Of course, there are also those who make a lot of money just for trading CryptoKitties.

TheVerge shared that an entrepreneur and software designer spent about 30 ETH on the popular blockchain game. However, the worth of his Kitty Portfolio soon rose to 99 ETH, which earned him an equivalent of about $42,321.

Surprisingly enough, the entrepreneur even revealed that the amount he earned from merely trading CryptoKitties was even bigger than what he made through his Individual Retirement Account.



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