City of Zion announced the release of its Neon Wallet 2.0 on Tuesday. The wallet, the company suggests, is designed after taking on board one year of feedback on the original Neon Wallet to turn it into a world-class dApp to be utilized by the users of the Neo blockchain.

Designed for Everyone

The wallet designed for use over the Neo blockchain can be used by newbie users as well as experts. Ben Hallowes wrote in a Medium post:

“We are excited to bring the smart economy to the lives of millions with the new streamlined and simple user experience and updated design. Myself and Maxwell Lasky are respectively the product, and engineering leads on the build of the new Neon Wallet.”

With the new version of the wallet, users will easily be able to browse the entire transaction history with ease and add contacts in a new simpler Activity tab. NEP9 payment requests and parsing will also be available to the users, which will make the user experience more intuitive. It also enables the NEP9 QR codes for the users.

The Neon Wallet 2.0 also supports the creation and importing of existing private keys and makes token sale participation for the users much simpler.

The Story of the Moonlight Team and Hallowes

Detailing his personal experience in the cryptocurrency space, Hallowes said that he did not know about the existence of the Neo blockchain or how to store and trade crypto assets a little over a year ago. He was introduced to the field by a close friend who told him about investment opportunities in NEO. He did his share of research and invested a small sum into digital currencies.

His first wallet was Neon, a robust tool that made him feel like a “caveman prodding with fire.” Hallowes then started tinkering around with the wallet with the help of the CoZ community. Earlier this year, he joined the Moonlight team, and then later in April, Ethan Fast asked him to contribute to the Neon wallet.

While starting to work on this project, the team had a few simple goals. They had to create a new identity for the wallet, revamp the appearance and experience of the wallet and create additional features that will be helpful in increasing the capabilities of the NEO network.

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