While trading volumes are suffering because of the prolonged bearish markets, innovation and experimentation has not stopped at Coinbase. Just two days after supporting the Bitcoin Cash fork, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the US is now presenting the revamped version of the Coinbase Wallet. Equipped with easy to use features and a new look, the wallet is designed to make the traders’ experience better.

Easiest and Most Trusted Wallet

Coinbase called the new wallet the “easiest and most trusted” wallet product. The exchange said that it compiled a list of improvements and features that the customers wanted the most and incorporated it in the new version.

The new wallet allows users to view the value of their cryptocurrency holdings in their local fiat currency. The fiat values of individual tokens may also be available to the users. In addition to this, Coinbase has eliminated the need to add ERC20 tokens manually. All these tokens will show up automatically in coin balances.

The wallet now also contains a new gallery for collectibles. This gallery has been integrated with RareBits and OpenSea, supporting hundreds of collectibles. Some other changes have been made to help improve the security and stability of the app. The gas price estimation of the app has also been improved.

Available to iPhone and Android Users

Apple iPhone users got the revamped version of the app first. However, an Android version of the app is also available.

Toshi was rehashed as Coinbase Wallet in August this year as a crypto wallet and browser. The app allows users to search for dApps right within the wallet. The users also have the ability to store collectible items, non-fungible tokens and support a variety of cryptocurrencies (scheduled to be added to the wallet soon). The wallet also lets users participate in ICOs and token airdrop events as well as send and receive payments.

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