The popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies grew tremendously last year. Reports have it that the total market capitalization of the crypto industry surged to $600 billion from the previous record of $20 billion.

According to Luke Demi, an engineer at Coinbase, the exchange tested virtually all aspects of its technology during that period. The result of the extensive check revealed that the exchange had to concentrate on how scalable and reliable its systems are.

Traffic Issues

The platform recorded consistent traffic patterns before cryptocurrency became more popular last year. However, when the price of Ether skyrocketed in May and June, they saw traffic rise far above the benchmark. As a result of this, there were reportedly periods when the platform experienced downtime.

The first step that the engineering team took in order to solve these issues was to focus onthe simplest and easiest issues first. These included vertical scaling, optimizing indexes, database versions upgrade and hitting its hotspot collection. However, those efforts were not sufficient to solve the traffic issues.

Improved Instrumentation

The platform’s monitoring services were reportedly not able to answer some of the critical questions the Engineering team had regarding issues they were seeing. They needed to develop a framework that visually represented the relationships in existence between the components of its environment.

To handle that, the team improved the platform’s instrumentation. They improved their database queries through the modification of MongoDB’s database driver. That helped them log all queries above a specific response-time benchmark. Ultimately, it made it possible for them to have detailed data, which in turn led to a faster detection of strange characteristics.

Also, they solved the issues associated with large read throughput on specific collections. The team tackled the issue by including a query-caching layer that would cache query results on Memcached.

Thus, even though there was higher traffic in December and January, the fixes helped Coinbase withstand the increased traffic.

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