Halo Holdings and AMD have become the newest partners of ConsenSys, as first made public by Joseph Lubin in his latest tweet.

The three will work to develop optimized data center solutions by creating the W3BCLOUD for emerging blockchain workloads.

ConsenSys Takes a Step Ahead

In his tweet, Lubin noted:

W3BCLOUD will leverage ConsenSys’ extensive expertise in blockchain software and AMD’s hardware to power optimized solutions capable of supporting a large variety of applications and workloads.

The solutions will be utilized by commercial enterprises and governments, as well as boost the adoption of DApps (Decentralized Applications).

W3BCLOUD intends to provide “the first independent cloud computing blockchain infrastructure” which will come with state-of-the-art security as well as increased transaction throughput.

Joseph Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys and co-creator of Ethereum, noted that AMD’s leading technology would be immensely beneficial to the scalable adoption of emerging decentralized systems around the world.

AMD’s Takes Another Step Ahead of Its Rival

AMD outperformed its rival Nvidia in 2018 as the company saw a 71% growth in its share price whereas Nvidia recorded a loss of 32%.

With AMD now partnering with ConsenSys, the company will now get more exposure to the fast-growing and high potential cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Joerg Roskowetz, director of product management, Blockchain Technology, at AMD, said:

“We are excited to work with Consensys and provide them with access to high-performance
hardware technologies capable of better scaling and proliferating decentralized networks and services to meet the growing interest from large corporations and governments looking to tackle challenges ranging from smart identity, enterprise data centers and health ID tracking, to licensing and supply chain management,”

Who are Halo Holdings?

There is not much mention of the Halo Holdings’ role in this new partnership in the announcement. However, it does state that:

“Halo Holdings is an investment management firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Halo has transactions in large-scale technology and private equity investments spanning Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The Halo team has extensive leadership experience in global technology and investment firms.”

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